Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Adopted" Parents.

So my parents sold and left everything behind when they became missionaries. I admire them for that, because that is what you call "blind leap of faith" right there. I miss them though. Oh mandope, do I miss them so much.

My sister married this guy. This guy is an amazing person. This amazing person has an amazing family. And that amazing family has taken my brother and I into their family. And they have become my "adopted" parents. Basically, my sister's in-laws are like my second parents. They are just awesome like that.

And guess what?! They are here in Hawaii!! And it's "Dad's" birthday today too! So yesterday, when my voice disappeared [and it's still gone!!] my sister was in a frenzy cleaning up the house because her in-laws, my "parents" were flying in the next day, today. I had to go to work today, but when I got back I only had a few minutes to change before they came to the house!

It was sooo good to see them! I've missed them so much...they are such awesome people! And it was so hard coz I wanted to talk and talk and talk...but one thing. I seriously do not have a voice. It has disappeared! Gone. Don't know where it went, nor do I even know when it's coming back! Lets just hope soon! Coz it's not much fun not being able to talk. No, I take that back, I can whisper. So it's not that much fun trying to say something, but no one can hear.

But I have to go now coz my brother wants to start a TV show that I want to watch!! More later!!