Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm standing up.

so's been awhile since i last wrote in here...and i know that i do have other bloggies to post and stuff...but i can't be bothered to copy and paste and this is gonna be it. my much has happened in the last 2 weeks...that's for sure!
yesterday i was talking to my friend and juss in the past year...well, since last march at this time to this time right now, so much has happened! So much that i didn't even think that it would happen. the one that surpised me the most is falling in "like" goodness...from ice princess to this chica who has let her walls down too many times in one year...goodness gracious...i need to get a hold of myself.

my cuzzo is graduating and i'm so proud of him, i knew that he could do it, and he did do it...but this time next week...he's gonna have in his hands an undergraduate diploma, and i'm so happy for him. SO COGRATS EDDIO-ZIPPIO...

aiight then, i don't feel like writing anymore...and blah-blah-blah...i juss wanted to get away from my apartment for a moment...and so i had nothing else to do so i came i'm getting restless again from juss sitting here...and so yeah...

tetenkek=take's ahmaric..see, i'm learning something!

*hugs and kisses*

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