Friday, February 13, 2009


Wow, so I woke up hella early this morning, and for the life of me I couldn’t go back to sleep. I hate when that happens. That use to happen a lot back when I was at home, but the good thing about that happening at home, I could call someone to talk too until I’m sleepy again, or at least to go out and do something. *laughs*
I realized that I need to stop complaining about life. I feel like I complain a lot now…*laughs* I have decided to stop. I guess I can’t FULLY stop…because I guess I have to vent and stuff…but then I guess that is what my journal is all about. *laughs*
Last night I wanted to go jogging, but I was super tired, NOT sleepy, juss tried because I had class from to…straight through…no stops, no nothing, so I was juss tired of being restless, you know me! *laughs* and I wanted to go jogging, but then I wasn’t really feeling it…so I went “strolling” with my friend Ian instead. *laughs* It’s weird how they call it “strolling”…I dunno…*laughs* anyways…so, I wanna learn how to speak proper, fluent Tagalog, and he wants to learn how to speak proper and “slang” English. He said that he wants to learn how to talk like me…uhm, I think that’s going to be hard to “teach” only because I know that I talk fast and I short cut a lot of words, and you know the phrases that us people’s have don’t make sense unless you grew up or were around American’s for awhile. Like “for crying out loud…” simple phrases like that. I didn’t realize that no many people understand what I meant when I said that. *laughs* or when I go “are you f’realz?!” It’s juss so normal for me. So I was like “Magsalita ako Tagalog, at ikaw magEnglish ka… (I’l speak Tagalog and you speak English).” And we are suppose to correct each other when we are wrong…oh my goodness, that was really humorous! I realize that they get their pronouns all mixed up and the tenses are really messed up and stuff…but yeah. For me, I get mixed up with all the different ways to say the pronouns, and “mag” and “nag” and “ng” and “ang” and all that stuff…it’s funny though. 

Ian dances. And he’s really good. And while we were walking I told him that I wanted him to dance for me, and he was like “only if you sing.” So I juss started to sing. *laughs* and he’s kinda shy, but I got him to dance AND sing…he has a nice voice.
*laughs* so, Joanna can dance, ya?! And so can Ian, so they wanna start a group and stuff…and Jo was asking him if he knows how to Krump…and he didn’t know what that was really…and so Jo was asking me to demonstrate…and I was hella laughing…me krump?! Yeah right?! I can move but not dance! *laughs* Serious, man! *laughs* But you know me, “if everything embarrasses you, you won’t have any fun…” So I was like attempting to krump in my own way…and it was SOOOO funny, because I was juss laughing…and he was like “what is that?!” And Jo was like cracking up…at night time, a lot of people juss come out and juss socialize with each other at this one place, and that’s where we were…and it’s not like I like attention and stuff…but I guess I can get pretty loud when I’m happy and juss having fun and stuff…so a lot of people were like, what is this lil girl doing?! It was funny, I guess it’s something that you had to be there to understand that what I’m talking about. But it was funny.
You know who I miss a lot? Everyone…but I miss you Gayle. Because if I think back to everything, you were my partner-in-crime in doing crazy anything and everything. That whole, “If everything embarrasses you, you won’t have any fun” thingy was so fun to mess around with…like embarrassing our sisters, but us having fun. I love our sister’s a lot…I really do, because it’s sooo fun to embarrass them…! At the beach, in the store…shit, chica…member the spit balls!? *laughs* I swear if ever I was on the Amazing Race show thingy, I think I’d choose you to do it with because yeah, for the most part we build each other up. It’s pretty cool how it’s like that…like us starting our business together…I super, duper can’t wait. And I think you are right, why didn’t we think of this sooner…I mean, why didn’t we juss become designers and stuff…all those times we use to go to Home Depot juss to “make up” our houses. *laughs* I miss juss rolling down the grassy hill in Benicia, swimming in the freezing cold as water, doing that challenge course thingy in Hawaii (We rocked, chica!!), photoshoots, juss dressing up for the hell of it, doing each other’s crazy make up, FAKE EYELASHES! *laughs*, girl-talk for hours…oh gosh, chica…I miss that. 

Goodness, this is the problem with waking up early…I get bored easily and there is nothing to do! *laughs* Well, that’s not fully true, but true enough. I guess, I can go and get myself all dolled up for the day since I’ll be going to ....Manila....…but then, that’s too much time to get ready. Yeah, there are those times where I want to take forever to prettify myself up…and then there are times where it only takes me like 30 minutes to get ready. *laughs* I can see my brother shaking his head right now. Oh okay, so here I’m a lot different…at home, I would take hour long HOT showers that steam up the showers, blow-dry my hair, straighten my hair, then curl it and style it, then apply who knows how much make-up…not too much though! And then another few hours in decided what to wear (only to end up wearing what I originally wanted to wear *laughs*) I remember when I use to live with my brother, I would constantly be going to his room, “Jem, should I wear this or this?! Which shoes go better?! My hair up or down?! Or juss half up?! Should I curl the tips today, or juss do spirals?! Jem, does my make up look too much?! Is my eyeliner the same on both eyes, what about the eye shadow?! Which shades should I wear…does this top look better when jeans or a skirt? Or should I juss keep the jeans, and change the top?! Should I wear my contacts and wear fake glasses, or should I juss wear my glasses?!” And for some reason I ALWAYS forget, right when I have to almost leave… “JEM!!! I can’t wear this! My jacket/sweater/coat doesn’t match properly!!” *laughs* Oh gosh, my brother was BLESSED with two sisters…and when we’re both home! *laughs* I miss him so much.
Over here, I have no one to do that with…and so I guess I can now dress myself now. *laughs* Naw…but that’s the fun of being a girl…you don’t see a guy doing that…well, sometimes one of my neighbors will ask my opinion on an outfit if they are going out somewhere special. *laughs* There have been a few times where I have run out of my house in a panic because I didn’t know what to wear for a certain occasion and I would end up wearing all these different outfits asking which is better…and then bring out the shoes and then my hair and then my make up…and then I would remember my brother and how much he had to put up with. *laughs* 

I remember my sister would be so good with applying make up and doing hair and juss yeah. I miss those times when we would be in the same house and I would be taking a nap in my room and my sister would come in my room with all these hair stuff and tell me that she wants to play with my hair. And then she’ll go, “You don’t have to move, I’ll juss sit on your back [I usually sleep on my tummy], and fix your hair.” But I know better than that! *laughs* because eventually she will tell me to move my head this way and that way and ask if I can move like this and blah-blah-la-la-la! *laughs* Especially when she would do my hair in cornrows! *laughs* I miss my hair in cornrows actually…I remember I would always give my sister so much grief about putting “chemicals” in my hair…I don’t really like when my hair has stuff in it, like gel, mouse, hairspray, and that kind of stuff…but she ends up talking me into it…*laughs* I like it when someone is playing with my hair. It’s relaxing, for the most part! *laughs* I’m so glad that I’m not tender-headed. *laughs*

Well, now I feel like updating my songs on my ipod and then go get ready to go to Manila…so I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to see you all again!
“There is fate, but it only takes you so far, because once you’re there, it’s up to you to make it happen.”