Thursday, January 22, 2009

call me, or I guess I can call you!!

Okay, this is going to be really really quick…because I’m juss superness excitedness…so I finally got the phone that my mom said that she would send me…and so now you…yep YOU can call me, or I can call you for free…oh wait, only if you live in the States or in Canada…but it’s all good, because that’s who I wanna be calling…and plus I still have my cell phone here so I can call people here…but now I can juss call home without spending a fortune and stuff! And it can last more than a few minutes! My Auntie Boots has one and when I was trying it out, it sounded like I can juss jump in a car and go over or something…that was how clear it was and I can talk for however long I want…now I juss gotta see if the internet can work where I live now…because it was for awhile…but then it didn’t…but then I heard that they put up a new satellite thingy thing-thing so that I can get the internet, which I will find out if I can do. I’m so excited because I miss home so much…good thing I still have the numbers of you guys…so hopefully, if you didn’t change your number, I can get a hold of you…jejeje…telebabad! Jejeje…naw, I’m not like that…I like face-to-face talk…but then I guess talking on the phone is better since I know that a lot of you guys don’t like to write much…yep, I’m excited. 

Well, I juss got back from class, and Eddie wants to go to Paseo in a few mintues, so I need to get out of my uniform…jejeje…so I saw Chris and Jo and they were on Chris’s bike and she offered me a ride…uhm…I’m wearing a skirt…and the slit is all the way up to …uhm..yeah *laughs* but it was all good, no?! Jejeje…Jo was on the bike already so we had to hella be smushed up on the bike, it was funny…me straddling the motorbike…*laughs* oh well, adventure, adventure, adventure…(Yo’ Chris (Kiss-baby), you still gotta take me a ride on your bike!...when I get home though, ya?!)

Oh okay…I need to go and get myself all dolled up now…I’m going into town, baby! *laughs* 

I love you and miss you all much…and I can’t wait to talk to you again! (ahhh! My kitty is licking my arm…and he have a funny feeling tongue *laughs*)


“Just a thought: People maybe doubt what you say, but they’ll always believe in what you do. ‘Well done’ is better than ‘well said.’”
*dances away* (goodness, I’m hyper!)