Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

So today is my mommy's birthday, and I tried to call her early but then she didn't pick up her phone and so I called my brother, but then for some reason, I couldn't understand him…but I did get that he was at my sister's house and so I called my sister, and we talked a bit. So my mom and dad and brother went down south to my sister (and her husband's!!) house to help them pack so that they can be ready to move. I think that is amazing thing to do…because I know that I have a lot of stuff…and when I had to move from on campus to off campus that was a lot of work and then when I moved out of my other apartment to move to this apartment that I am at now…that took forever…because like I said, I have a lot of stuff…but I know that my sister also has a lot of stuff. And she juss got married. And I remember when I was there, they had gotten a LOT of wedding presents galore! And so, I wonder how they are going to move all their stuff when they move to…oh wait…I don't know if they announced it yet, so I'll juss leave that up to them.

But then it was good to talk to my sister again. My sister said that my parent juss left to go back up north and my brother is suppose to leave "today" to go back up north…oh my goodness…! The next time we visit my sister it's going to be in ******!! I'll wait to make sure that she has announced it already…lol. But I think that she has…so it's not gonna be a big surprise them. *laughs*

Anyways, my brother sent me a load since I guess he felt bad because I couldn't understand him on his phone…*gasps!* his Blackberry is broken?!! I want a new phone…!! Anyways…I tried calling a few people juss to hear them again…but then I guess it's a busy time because no one is picking up their phone.

Anyways, me and my cousin Eddie went to Manila yesterday because first we had to pick up our passport and student visa's from Immigration, but then our friend went ahead and picked that up for us, so we didn't have to go there. But then my ex-roomie, Joynessless, was going back home to Thailand and so we wanted to send her to the airport so that she wouldn't be alone…since her sister when back home the week before…and I didn't get to see her…bummer! And their friend Lerie is getting married and Jynny asked Eddie to buy a garter for Lerie, since they didn't have time to buy one in Thailand…and that was a lot of work! Lets say that we left AUP at to get to Joy…or juss to hang out before we met up with Joy since she was still at work until…but we ended up getting to Joy's place at nearly because there was so much traffic…and finding the garter was a lot harder than it sounds. I know at home I could have gotten one juss like that…but then I'm not at home…and the bridal store that Jynny said was where it was suppose to be was not there. And so we ended up going all over the place trying to find a place where to find a garter…and it was so funny because I even had to demonstrate on my leg what I was talking about…and this guy was trying to give me the garter that you put in clothes…even though I kept saying it was suppose to be a wedding garter for the brides leg…all the time demonstrating it…and I told him that it's the one that the groom throws and all that…and he kept insisting that that was the one…the clothes garter…and I was like..."do you want YOUR bride to use a garter like that?!" my goodness…! We ended up finding a bridal store in Manila…well, Eddie found it, and it was because of his excellent memory he remember seeing it one time when him and Jyn rode by it with a taxi…and I swear if the lady didn't come out to greet us, I wouldn't have gone it…but the lady was really nice. And she had a garter…it was all blue and not one that I would have wanted…but it worked. Then we juss barely had time to bring Joy to the airport…but Joy ended up being early because we were trying to leave before because there was so much traffic…but we got to the airport in time. Joy's flight was at!

Anyways, coming back home took another forever and a day time because of all the traffic…but we finally got back home…and I fed my kitties who are growing more and more each day. I love them a lot. We played with them a lot that they knocked out all night long, which was really good. I juss fed them, and now they are curled up on my bed sleeping…they are so cute. *laughs* I love them.

Well, I better go to sleep myself now. I miss you all so much!

*hugs and kisses*

*hums to herself* ::dum-dum-da-dum dum-DA-da-dum dum-da-da-dum dum-da-dum-da-da-dum-da-dum:: (that's the tune to "Here Comes the Bride" if you were curious *laughs*)