Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Pocketfull of Sunshine.

So I have been here in the Philippines for only 4 days, but it feels like I have been here forever. You know it's pretty weird, because for the most part, when I go home, it's like I never left home. But when I come back here, its like I never left. But I feel this ache in my heart because...I remember my "other" life back at home.
Well, lets see...I have a pretty crazy weird schedule. I'm talking Experiemental Psychology as well as Psychological Testing. That's going to be interesting. Experiemental Psychology is the class that we start doing our thesis that is required to graduate. Scary! My teacher said that I should be scared of writing a theory...but I am. Psychologycal Testing is taking all these test so that we can know who we are...and then we also have to learn how to interprete them. It's actually a specialty, but it takes learning to develop the skills to interprete a psychological test...lets hope that I'm good at it! *laughs*

I'm also taking two religious classes--Personal Evangelism and Denominational History. Personal Evangelism is all about how to learn how to have your own personalized way to evangelise and Denominational History is about the history of the religious denomiations with emphasis on Seventh-day Adventism. I think that it should be a choice whether or not to take the Personal Evangelism class. You can't force someone to evangelise...because then it's not from the heart...but it's a required I can't complain.

I should be cleaning my apartment out. It's pretty messy...but not too messy...juss messy enough to get me irritated on how messy it is. But for some reason, I can't figure out where I want everything. When I got back, I wanted to rearranged everything. I know that I get like this when I get restless...*laughs*...but I don't think this time it's because I'm restless, I just dont' wanna be here really. And so I wanna make it into a place that I want it to be.

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I had my background of desktop a picture of me and my girl friends at my sister's wedding...but that got me sad because I missed them a I changed it to a picture of my guy...but that got me sad as well, because I missed him and looking at his picture made now it's a picture that I took when my friend took me and my other friend out to cocoswirl up in concord.

That stuff is so yummy. It's really healthy too. Whenever I become rich I wanna go on a strict diet of Jamba Juice and CocoSwirl! *laughs* CocoSwirl is a combination of any yogart ice-cream and toppings...I honestly was thinking that it would be same as all the other yogart ice-cream that I have had...but trust me on this one, it wasn't...and it's so yummy! *laughs* looking at the picture makes me want some! They should open one here in the Philippines...! But even though I now have a new craving...I would much rather look at that picture and have my stomach crave that yummy "guilt-free delight" than have to look at a picture of home and have my heart hurt.

So in my absence, we have gone and gotten a new president! should go and read up on him and see how it is. I actually did read a lot of the election the day before it happened because I was online...and it was pretty cool how the whole world was excited for my country. They even said that not only is the American's getting a new president, but the world is also getting a new leader...or something like that. Well this new president is a new hope for us American's and our declining economy. Maybe Obama's new and fresh insights and ideas will be able to pull us out of this slump that we have seem to gotten in.

Well, juss on a side note...right now I'm listening to Natasha Bedingfield...and I really love her song ANGEL...if you haven't heard it yet, I recommend searching it and either read the lyrics or listen to the song. It makes you feel all good inside for some least for me it does. I think it's a cute song.

So juss last week technically it was last wednesday (since the Philippines is a day ahead or something like that...) And I so remember what I was doing...I was hanging out with Joelly, we went to eat at IHOP and juss talk. Then I helped Gayle coaching Sarah's volleyball girls since they had a tournament...and then afterwards we (me, Gayle and Holly)  met up with Joelly, Amy and Sarah...and went out to eat at a really good restuarant...oh okay, I have short term memory, and I forgot the name, but it was good food. Then I hung out with Sarah...went to the gym and juss talked...had ice-cream at Cold Stone...then I ended up sleeping over at her house and staying up and talking with Gayle. Wow, that was really juss a week ago...*sad smile* I miss...

Oh okay...moving on now..."life your life with arms wide open...the rest is still unwritten..." You gotta love this chica...Natasha Bedingfield...

Well, I better get my ass off this chair and continue arranging my apartment...I miss you all a lot.

*hugs and kisses*

"I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine...and I got a love and I know that it's all what you want, but you know you're never going to break me. Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me...wish that you could, but you're never gonna own anything that you can to control me (you can't control me...)" --"I Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine" Natasha Bedingfield