Monday, November 24, 2008

me and you.

Well first off, let me take time to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!" yep…today is Holly's birthday…and my goodness…she may LOOK older than me, but she's not…lol…for those of you who don't know Holly…you're loss because she makes me laugh. Well, that's not the reason, but still…she's a fun person…when she gets out of her quiet "shell" because she isn't always quiet. Well…ionno…lol…well, I do know…well, if you know her, you know what I'm talking about! *laughs*

Anyways…so, I had class today…but then I didn't. My first class is (thankfully) at…but yep…guess what?! My teacher decided that she had other things to do, and so she didn't show up…instead she gives up more work to do. *rolls eyes* okay…I'm not going to say anything about that kind of teaching techniques and stuff. Anyways, I went online instead…which was sorta a waste of my time since the internet here in the school is super duper slow…but it wasn't all that bad because my friend, Tony was on and so I got to talk to him for a bit…he got a new truck…he told me what kind it was…but I have short-term memory…and stuff…so at the time I knew what it was…but now, *thinks hard* I forgot. Lol…but still…that's pretty cool. I wish I was there to smell the "new car" (or in his case "truck") smell. Lol…I swear it's an amazing smell. I don't even know what it is…or maybe it's all in the head. Ionno…lol.

*sigh* there were so much stuff that I wanted to do when I was home…but I didn't get to do it all…I juss hope that maybe I didn't ruin anything because of it though.

So, right now I'm listening to Island/Hawaiian music…and it's so relaxing. I love this kind of music…it juss has this feel to it that makes me feel relaxed…well as relaxed as I can be in my given situation that is. *laughs* but yeah…it's so island like…and yeah…we all know how much I love the beach (wow, something in common with my sister-dear! I love you Ate Faith!) Right now I'm listening to Hawaiian Style Band…I wanna live for a year in Hawaii…hm…might as well, since I'm always moving around anyways.

I always feel so restless. I wonder what it is?! Maybe…naw…I don't know…I have a hard time juss staying in one place. Already, I feel like it's time to move from this place. But I don't know…lol…wow…I still have A LOT to learn in my life I always "don't know…" I think it's about time that I go to the beach again…I need somewhere where I can think. And right now I'm thinking of "Monterey Bay Academy"…I miss going to school on the beach…it was amazing and I will always and forever miss it…juss closing my eyes and thinking of that relaxing place on the beach makes me feel so relaxed. I remember seeing the sea lions that would be so curious about us humans on the shore…but they wouldn't get to close. I remember the dolphins that would sometimes come and jump and play near enough. I remember looking for whole sand dollars with my friends. And then juss dancing and singing juss to overcome homesickness (Aww…Laura, Miss, Holly and Sunny, I miss you ladies SO MUCH!!) The water was always cold, but it was so relaxing juss bringing your blanket and juss lying out there on the beach…with the sun…when there was sun. *laughs* Oh okay….moving on now.

So when I was home, my friend gave me a lot of her jewelry since she didn't want them anymore…and you know how I love jewelry…(it kills me how they are so "holy" here that they won't allow you to wear them!)…but along with the jewelry, she gave me this crystal prism ball thing on a string…she gave me two…one is pink and one is clear…but you know…it's not really clear…my computer table is facing the window…and so since I hung them up by the window along with one of my disco's balls…I like to look up at the not so clear prism ball. The reason why it doesn't look clear is because it looks like there are a lot of rainbows that are trapped inside of it…and when the light hits it right, it throws the beautiful rainbows all-around. It's so pretty.

Well, I better get ready now because I have class at four and I have to walk the long way to get to class since they have put a guard at the wall where I usually climb and jump and stuff…oh well, more exercise for me…that's always a good thing, right?! Hm…I like how I am though, but oh well…Miss you all so much and I hope that all is well with you…listen to Island/Hawaiian music if you wanna relax some…hm…I can do with a strawberry lemonade right now. *laughs*

"Search the whole world for a girl like you forever, you made my life so complete, and if I could I'd like to make you my wife forever…I will never ever leave you girl…because I have been waiting for a girl like you. My love has never ever been so true…and you can count on me, you'll see, my love will always be…I promise you this party is juss for two…girl, it's me and you…." –Me and You by Three Plus…don't you juss wish someone would sing that to you?! I love Hawaiian Music…!! *laughs::kilig feeling*

*hugs and kisses*

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