Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Five More Quotes.

"A man will try to seduce every girl except the one he truly loves. But a very special girl will not be seduced by any man except the one she loves."
I think that this is true. I mean, when you try to seduce someone, you try to mislead someone or something like that…like you seduce them so that you can do whatever…well, hm…let me think about that again…I guess there is a difference between seducing a person mind and seducing a person body…well, still it still seems like something that isn't good?! I'm not sure…but then…if it's real then it's true…a girl won't allow a guy to seduce her unless it's the one that she truly loves, ya?! Now, here's a question…how do you know if it's love? I mean, like that whole true love, real love dealio…how do you know?

"It hurts when you risk your heart and it ends up being broken. But it hurts even more when you still hold on when you already know that you're waiting for...nothing."
Oh man…yeah, I don't think I need to say anything about this one. It's pretty straight forward. This one also reminds me of another quote that my friend gave me and it's…

"Leaving someone behind means you only want the best for them even if it means swallowing the sad reality that…"the best just isn't you…"
This is so hard…because if you really love someone, you will let them go if you can juss tell that you aren't the best FOR THAT PERSON. You juss have to realize that you are the best for someone else…juss not that person…and that really hurts…juss like "One of the hardest things to do is to watch the one you love, love someone else." I guess this is the kind of situation where you can say no one ever said life was fair.

"It's sad when sometimes you fall for someone and finally decide to stop because of the hurt. You tell everyone that you've let go and moved on, but deep inside you know you haven't, you never did and maybe you never will."
Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch…how true is this?! Maybe you never will get over that person…but maybe one day it won't hurt as much when you think about it all. I know in my case, I thought I couldn't stop loving someone…I mean, I loved that person so much, that I ended up hating him because I knew that I couldn't stop loving him. How ironic is that? But hey, with time, the pain dimmed…well at least I didn't think about it all the time any longer…and I learned a lot of lessons with it…but wow…yeah, juss that…ouch.

"Life never seems to be the way that we want it, but we need to live it the best we can. There's no perfect life. But we can still fill it with perfect moments."
This quote is so much better! That is true…life is full of ups and downs…insides and outs…and loops and…yeah, you get my drift. But then, we have to find the strength to pull us through the hard times and enjoy the good and easy times…and as much as possible "fill it with perfect moments." Those moments, I found, are what makes life fun, interesting and worthwhile.

"BITTER REALITY: "Not all things that you wanted, though you worked hard to have it, and made yours...somehow you also lose."
"SWEET REALITY: But when you lost someone or something, there will come a better one that you surely deserve more than anything." --Patience is a virtue.
*laughs* Oh goodness…I pray for more patience ever day! *laughs* I need more patience and less tolerance. And even so, my tolerance for people is running low! *laughs* But yeah, I need to really read this quote over and over again and again. Sometimes I think that I put so much effort into something or someone, and then either that something goes wrong, or that person betrays me for no reason or something like that…and then I feel like nothing can ever be good again…but then I know that Jesus has my back and He's looking out for me, but sometimes I know that I lose my way and forget that…but I need to have patience to wait for what God has in store for me…and that's what I need help in…I need to learn PATIENCE! *laughs* (Hey, the first step in trying to "heal" is to admit that you have a problem. And I admit that I have a problem…I need more patience! *laughs*)