Monday, October 27, 2008

about me.

I am an extraverted person. I like looking for possibilities and relationships rather than work with known facts. I tend to base my judgments on my personal feelings and values than go with impersonal analysis and logic. I like a more flexible, spontaneous way of life. I get restless with a planned, decided, orderly way. I am a pretty outgoing person who is guilty of having plenty of mood swings. I hate conflicts and I hate conforming. I am extremely sensitive to other people's feelings. I make friends very easily, but I trust very slowly. I am an open-minded person and I love "broadening my horizons" by sharing insights, ideas, and opinions with others. I have been told plenty of times that I'm "too nice" to the point of thinking of other's before myself…so I get hurt easily. But you will never see me hurt. I love being with people, yet I value my "alone time." I consider myself a very loyal person, and once I'm your friend, I'm your friend for life. I don't believe in being fake, I smile at everyone and I will never judge you by your "first impression". I love coffee, popcorn and cotton candy. I love the beach and I respect the ocean. I'll never turn down a fruit smoothie and I love just baked, warm, soft, huge chocolate chip cookies and brownies with milk. I love simple, meaningful "just because" gifts. I love fun surprises. I love watching the rain fall. I will respect you, as long as you respect me. I won't judge you, as long as you won't judge me. I will keep it real with you, juss be honest with me. And I juss wanna say a shout out to my Chris, thanks for everything. I love you so much.

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