Monday, September 29, 2008


OH MY GOODNESS… "Can this be love I'm feeling right now, I know for certain I'm reeling inside, I don't recall ever feeling this way, tell what does one say to one who makes me feel this way…" okay, well, I'm not feeling in love right now…oh wait, I take that back…I AM in love right now…I'm juss full of feeling really…I'm really, really excited! I'm superness, hyperness, extremelyness excited…because guess what?! I'm going home in FIVE DAYS! Oh my goodness…so when I started my countdown, I was like, when will I ever get to double digits!? (98 more days….25 more days…) and then I was like oh my goodness, I'm at double digits now…and now look at me, I'm at single digits…only five more days…Shiet, I'm so excited that the time is almost here…but also in a panic because I have so much to do…I have reports and projects to finish, I have to finish enrolling, at least pre-enrolling, I need to PACK…I need to clean the apartment so that the person who will be living in my place won't have a hard time settling in, I need to buy pasaloubong, I need to do my finals, I need to secure a ride to the airport, finalize who is going to pick me up in Frisco, my goodness…I can't even begin to explain how much in a panic I am in. But it's all good because in juss a few days, I'll be home sweet home…in another panic! *laughs* this time the panic will be revolving around my sister's wedding…!

So yesterday I met up with my favorite people here in the Philippines…oh goodness…I know we aren't suppose to have "favorites"…but yeah, Jynnylicious and Joynessless are pretty much my favorite people here, and I can't forget Edilyn…aka Eddie…he's there too. We went to Mall of Asia to meet up for maybe the last time before I go home. I'm hoping that I can meet up with them again on Wednesday to see the movie Eagle Eye…but then I don't know, I'm super busy and I don't know if I can fit that in my schedule…but we will see…I'll see if I can.

Oh! So yeah, I went to Manila to meet up with these wonderful people, and Jynny wanted to catch a movie…but the movie's out here are so outdated…they come out at home so much faster than they do here…anyways, there wasn't any movie that I wasn't to thrilled to catch, but then it was all good…because it was the company…diba?! Anyways…our options…was these awful movies that were rated horrible, so I didn't wanna watch them (Eddie is like a movie critic, if he says that he didn't like it, I won't even bother watching unless it's something that I know that he wouldn't like anyways, but I know that I would like…like my animation movies *laughs*) There was NO movie that I wanted to see…but Jynny really wanted too…so I was like what the hell…so it was either…Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II or My Bestfriend's Girl. Or something like that…after at least 30 minute debate and hemming and hawing…we finally decided to watch…Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II…*rolls eyes* so I don't really like movies like that…but whatever…guess who was the most kilig through out the whole movie?! Yeah, that would be me and Joyness…mainly me. *laughs*…yeah, like I said, I don't like movies like that. I always get all kilig…but I know that when reality kicks in…that can never happen…like at the drop of a pin…lets all go to Greece…juss like that…yeah, unless you are super rich and you know how to get around Greece juss like that…then hey, go for it…but yeah. But I was a kilig movie…best friends forever type of thing. *laughs*

Anyways…so I was in Mall of Asia, and we were trying to buy something FOR my sister for *********** (secret!!) and then we were trying to find something to buy for my sister and her honey bunches of love…but we couldn't figure out what to buy. It was hella funny because since we had Eddie with us…he was like being a perfect gentleman and trying to give his input…like here is a question we would pose to him… "Eddie, if you were getting married…and on your wedding night, would you want your girl to be wearing this or that…?!" Lol…and Jynny was RIGHT THERE…awkward, yes I know, but funny…we would even ask the sales people…if they were male…then the same question that we asked Eddie, if they were female…a little revising…*laughs* but it was fun. I miss Jynny and Joyness…they always make me laugh. Yeah, we have our moments, but for the most part…they are great friends to have.

Basically I won't regret coming here to the Philippines because of them.

Anyways…what else have I been up too?! Well, for my Human Development class, I have to make a self-analysis scrapbook of myself…I really don't like doing that because that means I have to return back to my past and there are something that I would like to forget for the meantime in my past. It feels like I have two different lives…and when I look back at my past, it's like whoa…was that in the same lifetime that I did that!? It doesn't seem very likely and stuff…like my time in college here is NOTHING compared to my college life back at home. My life here is NOTHING compared to my life back at home. And it was kinda hard for me to revisit some of the things that I would rather forget…but whatever…I'm about finish with my scrapbook…and yeah….

Anyways, I have class in a few and I should get going now…I'm juss pretty excited to be going home again and I have to admit, I don't think that it's going to fully hit me that my sister is getting married until I'm home and I see her face. I love my sister.

*hugs and kisses*

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