Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm SO happy!

So OMG! I'm super happy that my best friend will be picking me up from the airport...for a moment there I though I was going to be left hanging when I got to Frisco...but I won't that's good. I'm so excited to see her (ES-rah!!). I'm really excited to see's been WAY too long away from home and it's about time I go home!
So, I am SO proud of my World Literature groupmates, for a long moment there I thought that we were going to fail, because...well, let me start at the beginning. So our teacher said that as our final, we had to perform a TWO hour drama! She told us this in the beginning of the semester. The group wanted me to be the leader, but I know the people here and I know that no one here is very good at group projects, and so I didnt' want to be the leader. Anyways...a week before we were supose to perform, which was LAST Monday, our leader bailed on us and told us that she didn't want to be a leader any somehow I got stuck with being the leader. Don't ask me how...I juss did. Anyways, I wrote out a drama thingy...complete with 11 acts and scenes and stuff...and we preformed it today, and it went really well! i'm so proud of my group and i made a lot of friends out of it as well...

anyways, i just wanted to say that because i have other stuff to do now...but yeah, juss sharing that.

i'm doing a countdown and it's now 12 days! And i'm SO excited! jejeje...

*hugs and kisses

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