Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everyone has a story.

There are many things that I have learned in life. One of the things is that everyone has a story. I believe that everyone's story is different from any other person's story. And I also believe that everyone should have a chance to tell that story, if they so want to. I have learned not to judge people by their first impression. You should get to know a person before you make any decisions about them. I have learned this and I still am learning this.

I consider myself the type of person that can get along with most people. And I say most, because there are those people who just really annoy me the first time I met them. These people are the people that just irritate me because it seems like they are trying to walk all over you, or they are just trying to hard, or they are just plain fake. These are the people who you just want to shake and tell them to think of other's before they do something because their actions do affect other people.

There are many times I wonder if these people even KNOW that people don't like them or that people think that they are obnoxious. Do they even care? Or do they really think that people really like them? I don't like thinking bad of people, but there are those times when I just can't help myself.

And then I find myself feeling bad, because I can't say that I don't like them, because did I even try to give them a fair chance at being liked? Maybe they are the way they are because that was how they had to act all their life in order to get by. I don't know their history; I don't know what they had to go through; I don't know why they are trying to hard, or why they feel like they have to be fake or something. I wasn't fair to them because I didn't try to get to know the real them. So what if their first impression left a bad taste in my mouth, I think that it's just human nature that we judge people the way that we do.

Why do we do it? What makes us think that we're so perfect? Maybe they crave attention because in their family they don't give the attention that they want. Maybe they want to be liked, and they just don't know how to act. Maybe they have their own reasons, and it's none of my business.
I really do try not to judge people by their first impression, because I think my first impression to people is also wrong. I remember asking people what they first thought of me when they first met me…and their answers were honest, well, for the most part, I think they were honest because I don't think that they would say something just to hurt my feelings for no reason…a lot of people thought that I was fake, because they didn't believe that a person can be so friendly and nice without wanting anything in return. That's me, I have a hard time being mean to people, and by human nature, we tend to over think things, and so if someone is being really nice and friendly, doesn't that mean that they want something in return?
"If you judge too much, you have no time to love." I wonder how the world would be if there was no judging, if people accepted people for who they were, and if people would just learn to love those around them, even though they are different that they are. I know that I'm guilty of judging a person, but I do try my best not to. I don't believe in listening to reputation. I have made so many friends because of not believing in what other's have to say about another person.

There has to be reason why a person behaves the way that they do, and since I don't know that reason, who gives me the right to judge a person by the way that they act? I think that once we learn to accept and love our own self, if we learn how to embrace our strengths as well as our weakness, are we able to learn how to accept others.

I was once again put in my place. There is this one girl who is in my group and I can't stand her. She happens to be a leader in our school and to me she didn't show herself to be a responsible person. Yeah, she was a leader in school, but what about her class? She didn't seem the type of person who could work in a group because she never came to our meetings or she didn't do her part of the project and when she did come, she was SO bossy and telling us that we were doing things wrong and why we didn't do this and that and everything. And when we would tell her that that was her part, she would get mad and tell us that she was a busy person and she didn't have time to do something like. She just wasn't a team-player, and MY grade was going to suffer because of that. I recently learned something about her, and I felt like a total shit-head for thinking so bad of her. I was put in my place; I had no right to think she was a person who couldn't be a team-player; I had no right to think that she was put in my group to frustrate me and to make me have a lower grade. She has her own problems to deal with, and although I'm a firm believer of not trying to make my problems someone else's burden's or allow my problems to create problems for anyone else, I can understand more why she is the way that she is. I believe in confidentiality, but what I can say is this, with everything that happened in her life, and what she had to fight for, she could have turned out a very bitter person who hated life and who hated people, but when I look back at it, she has never failed to pass me a smile when I walk by her, she has never failed to give out words of encouragement when someone is down, she has never given up when all seems to falling around her. She is a strong person, and although she has a 
strong personality as well, I don't think that she would be where she is right now if she didn't fight for it.

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