Thursday, May 1, 2008

You're not alone...together we stand.

Rabbit, Rabbit everyone! It's a new month…a new day…so yeah…Do something new this month, ya?! *laughs* Aren't I in a such a good mood?! *smiles*

So yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me since my roomies left for Thailand…even though they stopped being my "roomies" a long time ago, since technically all last year they were only my "housemates" or what we liked to say "Next-wall neighbors"….they will still be my roomies. My goodness, I know that I have had some crazy times with those chicas and I am going to miss them so much. I remember when I first came here to the Philippines to be their roomies, I was so excited because I was already really good friends with JynJyn…and we had kept in touch the whole time year that I refused to come back to the Philippines after that first time, and when I realized that I was gonna come back here…she was telling me that their other roomie was moving out (Thank God for that because they had a horrible year…a huge tip for you people out there who are looking for a room/house mate…move in with someone that you get along with. And COMMUNICATION is a good key to remember, ya?!) and so they said that I could move in with them, since I had refused to move into the dorms again, that was a super big nightmare!...I also had an option to move in an apartment with other friends…but I moved in with Jyn and Joy…

Now Joyness, on the other hand…I thought she didn't care for me…as in she didn't care to be friends with me because the first year that I was here…we hung out, but she was sooo quiet, I guess you can say…I even went to her house in Thailand for a few weeks…but I got closer with her brother, and so I was kinda iffy if I should move in with them, because the room was small, and we would have to be all up in each other's personal space and stuff. But I remember the first week that I was there, Jyn and Eddie went to off somewhere for a wedding and so it was me and Joy that was stuck together…and you know for Philippines Independence day that was when I remember that me and Joyness finally clicked…and now, I count her as one of my closest friends. Her and Jyn…

Yesterday was so hectic…they weren't finished moving out of the other house. I had already moved out all my stuff…but their stuff was all still there…since they lived there for that past two weeks…and I was moving between both apartments…and yesterday was suppose to be the day that that house was suppose to be clean and we were suppose to give our key up. Anyways…the person that was suppose to give them a ride to the airport for them to go back to Thailand…got caught by the police being at an illegal event (them illegal cock fights…) so at the last minute they had to scramble to find someone to hook them up with a ride to the airport…and they found out and they were suppose to leave at 4:30pm…and the "old" place was a super big mess because they were packing up to go back home, and they were also moving some of their stuff to my place…ended up, they only got to pack and leave and I had to move the rest of the stuff back to my place…and that was a nightmare in itself because they have a LOT of stuff…no joke…all their stuff…literally fills up one room here and I'm thinking how did they find places for all their stuff before! Like literally…there is no room to even close the door because there is so much stuff! And yeah…when they left…yeah, Jyn cried…but I held my tears in until were gone…*tears*…and then Eddie had to go and do his homework…and so I started moving their stuff over to my house when all of a sudden a lot of the people here at my complex came and started to help me move the stuff over…the guys here took down stuff and set them back up at my place moved my refrigerator…and the kids cleaned up my house and the "moms" and older girls juss took over in moving the rest of the stuff…I guess they knew how sad I was so they took over and so yeah…I still have to rearrange things around and stuff…but my place is starting to look homey like now…so that's good.

Early, early, really early this morning, I get a phone call and from the first hello (and even though I thought I was still dreaming or something, or in spite I was still ¾ asleep) I was  I knew who it was…my sister. Oh goodness, I miss my sister so much and I love her sooooo very much. We talked for a long time about everything, and I'm super excited for her wedding. Oh my goodness, I am super super excited for her wedding like oh my goodness, I'm so excited for her wedding! *laughs* So you get my point?! *laughs* I can't wait to see her and hug her. Aww…juss thinking of her brings tears to my eyes. It's amazing how close I am to my sister and how much I really do trust her because I remember I use to always fight with her and "hate" her…but naw, I don't think that I would ever hate her. I couldn't ever hate her…when I was younger I was juss more uhm…we disagreed more and I hated that…*laughs* But now, I know that I can trust her more than anything. She is my sister, my blood, and even though she is getting married to a wonderful guy…she will still be my sister and my blood…always. Kuya Neal is so good for her…and I'm so happy for them two. My goodness, I'm so happy for them two…they make each other so happy. *laughs* Dare I say it makes me believe in true love?! Ha! *laughs*

So Jynjyn told me to read this book…it's fiction, but it was a fun book to read…not my style of books to read…but a "girlie-girl chick" book type of thing…and it was called Make Me a Match…or was it Find Me a Match?! Anyways, it was about this girl who had part gypsy in her and she supposedly had "special" powers…but it was her sister who had THE "special" power…juss by touching you she could hear The Name. The name of your one and only true love. Juss like that…The Name. As little girls, those two girls made a promise that the sister who could hear the name would not tell the other girl who her true love is…because they juss promised that to each other. Unless the girl wanted her sister to tell her, then the other sister could not tell at all. Anyways, the main girl was getting married to this guy…but the sister who could tell her who her true love was didn't want her too, because she knew that he wasn't for her…and stuff. Oh yeah, and the thing is the sister could only hear a name…so if you're guy happened to be a "John Smith" and there was millions of "John Smith" you had to find him on your own. Because the sister couldn't hear where they were…juss the name. Anyways…the sister broke her promise and told the sister who her true love was because she said that the name was fading and so her true love was going to die…or something like that…and so she wanted the girl to find him and tell him that he was going to die (oh yeah, she was a doctor). The girl didn't know what to do because she was getting married and she didn't wanna mess things up. I'm not gonna tell you the ending though…but my point is this. If you could find out who your "Named" one was…would you? Oh yeah, you had to believe in it too. In the book it said that it could work out with anyone…but there is a specific person for you. But if you did "fall in love" with someone else…it would work out, but I guess not as much as it would have if you here with your "true love"…but if you could…would you find out who your true love was? What did I say I would do?! Hm…I am a curious girl, and if I wasn't involved with a guy at the moment, I guess I would. *laughs* I'm a romantic after all *gasps::laughs* But I don't really know really…would I really?! I would be torn, because I would say yes, I would want to know…but then again, I don't really want to…hm…what about you?

Nothing exciting has been happening here all that much. I still hang out with boys a lot more that I do with the girls…but every so often I will go out with the girls…but I do hate shopping…it's boring and tiring to me…and it's a lot different here…the clothes here are made for people who are a LOT smaller hip-wise than me and breast-wise…so I hate shopping anyways…but hanging out is cool. So there are those few times where I will suck up my hate for shopping and hang out with the girls. Today, I'm gonna go out with guys again and juss hang out. I'm so sad that my good friend here is going home. I don't want him to because we're pretty close and we talk a lot and stuff…but he wants to go home for a year…boo to that! Oh well, I did that. *laughs*

So a few days ago…me and Joy were in the internet shop for a quick moment because I had to get stuff for my chemistry class…but I had to pee so badly, so I told Joy to watch my stuff…and one of the screens I had open was myspace because I was reading letters from there and stuff…when I came back Joy was looking at my friends page and I thought nothing of it…I was gone prolly like uhm..15 minutes since there is only one stall in the girls bathroom and there was a line. Anyways, when we get back home…I tell her that I have to start on my homework so I was gonna go to my apartment and I'd come back to the "old" apartment later…and she was like "I wanna come with you…" And I was like okay…because I though she was juss gonna read or look for a DVD at my place since I had all the DVDs at my place and stuff…and we juss don't like being alone (Jyn and Eddie were on a date…no they were in Manila then) so I thought she juss wanted to be in the same place…and I don't care if she was over. Anyways…so I put the USB in my laptop so I can get started on my homework and stuff…and she sits next to me with a big smile on her face…and I'm like "What?!" And she was like, "Nothing…" When I open my USB…she starts laughing…because she had saved pictures of guys on my USB…because she thought they were hot and she wanted the pictures so she juss saved it on my USB…and I juss started laughing. She makes me laugh. Oh goodness…Imma miss that chica…lotsa…
Well, nothing seriously out-of-the-ordinary happens really…juss the same ol' same ol' stuff that happens…hanging out with friends and all the happens there and stuff…Well, imma go now…

Cya all soon! *laughs* YAY!!! I love you and miss you all muchoness!!!

*hugs and kisses*                        

"You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand. When it gets cold and it feels like the end, there's no place to go, you know I won't give in, no I won't give in. Keep holding on, you know I'll make it through, just stay strong, cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you. There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do, there's no other way when it comes to the truth. Keep holding on…yes you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through…" –Avril Lavigne (for you Joy.)

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