Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why am I soooo tired?!

Happy Sabbath everyone! So how is everyone doing?! So yesterday, I kinda sorta lost my temper…and you all know that that rarely (yes it happens!! More so here in the Philippines rather than at home…this places really tests your patience!)…but I really, really, really lost it. So here's the story. I was suppose to leave here (AUP) at to go to immigration so that I'll be there at when the doors open and I can start on mine and Eddie's student visa extension and my I-card extension…but then on Thursday I find out that my chemistry teach bumped our exam on Friday…and that really irritated me…because she said that SHE wasn't finish writing it…and so we had to take it later. She wanted the exam to be at 9:am…but I had told her before that I had to go to immigration to get my student visa extension and I-card…here it is with those stuff…if you don't update it before the "due" date…then I'm here illegally and then the school won't let you enroll or continue school and then I have to be SENT home because I'm here illegally. So the teacher knew that I had to go. These things are NOT easy to do…if any of you know what I mean…going to immigration is one of the worst part of being here as a foreigner. It's horrible there…the lines are mad long, and people cut and there are SO many people and it's so hot and the people work there are asses…no joke. The thing is that you can get away with so much if you have "charm" *laughs* Anyways…I wanted to get finish in one day so that I didn't have to go back…but if I leave at…more like 9.30am because I still had to go home after the exam and change…and remember the walk is already 15 minutes...then Imma be in Manila at around 11.30am…and they break for lunch at…and I KNOW I won't be in front of the line in 30 minutes…anyways, long story short, it would be hard to finish…so I asked if I can take the exam at…but I was still irritatedly mad because I was suppose to leave at…a group of us were gonna go, I hate traveling there alone…they went ahead though…so I get to the classroom at…the teacher is late, and tells us that SHE DIDN'T FINISH WRITING THE FRIKIN TEST YET!!! Yeah, that irritated me like none other…I know that when I get mad I sometimes do something drastic…and I needed to talk it out…but knowing me, it can't juss be anyone…so I call my sister…she didn't pick up…I call my brother…and poor Jem…the second he says "Hi Ate!" I start venting…and you all know how fast I talk and when I'm mad even more fast. Sorta makes me laugh thinking about it now! *laughs* gosh, my brother is so patient. It helped me to calm my nerves a bit to talk to him…I couldn't talk to him for long, but for that short amount of time that I did talk to him really helped a lot. And I miss him so much.

I really hate how this country…this school…don't give a damn about foreigners…they really like screwing us over and everything! Like really LIKE screwing us over. They don't understand how hard it is to be in a different country that you aren't used to, and they are so inconsiderate. They are like "well, you can get your student visa next time" NO WE CAN'T! And going to this school we have to pay twice as much to even attend the school since we're foreigners…what is that?! What difference does it make if we are foreigners or not?! This has got to be the most corrupt place I have ever been. You can PAY for your grades…you can pay the police out of a ticket…you can pay for faster services…I don't understand that at all! I mean, I do understand that…but I don't understand why this country is so money hungry…As foreigners we have to pay a "foreigner fee"…and that is so that the school can help us when us foreigner's need help…like a ride to the airport when we need it, a ride from the airport, help with our student visa's and I-card, and juss things like that…but no…we don't get any help. I don't like this school. And that is putting it nicely.

I know that I'm complaining…but let me tell you one thing. I may not like this school…but I love the people that I'm meeting. There is a lot of foreigners that come to this school, and it's so awesome getting to know them all. My roomies (well Jyn and Joy) are from Thailand, Jo—a really good friend of mine—is from London…Gina is from Indonesia, and she is another good friend of mine…and I know a lot of people from Canada and other's from different parts of the States…and a lot of African's and Koreans…like Scarlett (whom I call AUP's Best…jejeje) The people make it definitely worth being here. And I get to experience things that I would never get to at home. Like this place is teaching me that I can live away from home, that I can live in another country, oh…and that I can get mad! *laughs* but I hate how I can't really express it…because I know that we aren't suppose to care what people think of us…but I do care…I mean, I'm not fake or anything…I am "civil" to those that I don't really like much…but I hate being mean, because I hate it when people are mean to me and stuff…and I know that if I am mad, it's my problem and no one else's problem, so I don't really show when I'm mad…although when I'm really mad, it's sorta obvious, because believe it or not, I don't talk if I'm mad! *laughs* yep…there are times where I don't talk…not speechless…juss not talk. Because I know that I'm mad and I don't wanna say something that I don't wanna regret later…if you know what I mean…jejeje…

So I finally got to the Immigration and I actually finished! Well, not really I have to go back on Thursday to pick up my I-card…because I couldn't process my I-card until after I finish doing my student visa extension…and I barely finished that one on time…like I said, you can go really far by using "charm." Hm…is it wrong to flirt to your adventage…well, I'm juss being friendly that's all…*laughs* There this one person…the cashier actually…and HE was flirting with me…normally I would juss be distant and juss smile…but I was being friendly with him…and stuff…because it's good to have connections in Immigration and stuff…(a lot of the people remember me there, so sometimes they juss let me "go ahead" and stuff…it pays to be nice and friendly, and it's one of the reasons why I was able to finish in one day.) And the guy was asking if I have a boyfriend…and I said yes…(it's not really a 100% lie! *smiles*)…and then he looks above me to the person behind me…and said, "You are a lucky man." And I was like "what?!" and so I turned around and there was this really HOT black guy behind me, taller than me, obviously…and since the place was pretty crowded he was standing pretty close behind me and stuff…and I guess to the person behind the desk, it looked that he was my boyfriend and stuff…and both me and the hottie started laughing…because yeah, we didn't know each other! *laughs* I told the cashier person that I didn't know that person behind me, and my boyfriend was at "home"…The thing about getting our student visa extension…is that we have to wait like 45minutes-1hour between each step…so I talked to the black guy a few times…nothing serious…juss to pass time…he finished his business faster than me…he was a tourist and he was extending his tourist visa and stuff. Nice guy…funny situation.

What else happened? There was this little girl that I was playing with she was drawing and then she comes up to me and asks me what book I was reading…because I had brought a book with me to pass the time while I'm waiting between each step…and it was a book entitled "A silent red scream" or something like that…it's Jyn's book…she did a thesis about Self-Mutilation and she had a lot of books on it…and I juss happen to grab it…it's pretty interesting…and I told her it was my friends book…and then she showed me her drawings…and she was asking me to teach her how to draw certain things…so I taught her how to draw cherries, the sun, clouds, rainbows and simple things like that…since we all know that I draw like crap! *laughs* SHE taught me how to draw animals like a lion, dog, cat, horse and bird…she said that the lion looks like a sun. *laughs* That little girl was so cute! I kinda felt bad because she attached herself to me, her mom was trying to get a visa to go to the States…and THAT one takes forever…and I didn't know if her mom was okay that her baby girl was talking to a "stranger"…but the mom was okay…and so the little girl would follow me to my different steps…I would say that she was about 3 ½ years old…such a cute girl…they left around 2.30pm…

Even though I hate going to Immigration, it's such a hassle and so time consuming and everything else…I always meet new people there…I got bored-ishy reading Jyn's book, and so I ended up talking to people that were sitting next to me…and since it was the Immigration, you can meet so many people from all over the world. So that was pretty cool. Towards the end of me finishing up our student visa extensions…Eddie met up with me, he had duty that night and so he was in Manila already, so afterwards, he juss met up with me. And he helped me trying to get my I-card finished…but I couldn't finish that one, and so yeah, I gotta go back to get that one. *scrunches up face* oh well…

Eddie is really into Indiana Jones…and since the new one came out…he really wanted to watch it…and so we went to the mall and saw that one…there were a few dark scenes that I wanted to leave…but I sucked it all in, and watched the whole thing (with a few times of closing my eyes and plugging my ears *laughs*) and it was okay…Eddie wanted me to watch 1-3 and so I did…and compared to the others…this new one had a lot of computer graphics and stuff…but it was okay. Shia is my new Heath Ledger…I remember liking Shia in the Even Steven's show when I was forced to watch the Disneychannel with my little cousin's in Florida…he is so good looking! And I think that he's a pretty good actor. I'm still bummed that Heath is gone…*sob*

The movies that I'm looking forward to seeing are Eagle Eye (again with Shia…I'm not sure how to spell his last name though! *smiles), Wanted (with Angelina Jolie) and I'm really looking forward to The Last Robot: Wall.E…I'm not sure what else is good out there that I want to see…but yeah, those are the three that I wanna see.

Coming home from Manila yesterday, I was SO tired…like physically tired like whoa! I actually fell asleep on the bus! And I know myself…I have a hard time falling asleep in public transportation…maybe it was because Eddie was there, and I knew that he wouldn't let anything horrible happen…and then the Jeepney ride home…I was so groggy tired…we saw Tracey and Nike…and Eddie and Nike were talking…and me and Trace were super sleepy…I can't sleep at all in the Jeepney…but good thing that it was only like a 25 minute ride home…and when I got home, I literally knocked out! *laughs*

Well, I better go now since this is getting long. I miss you all so much, and I can't wait to be going home soon! *yay!* I lubshu…and mishu lotsa!

*hugs and kisses*

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