Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Presmarie!!

Well, this is gonna be a really quick blog, kasi I have barely anytime to write, but I juss wanted to let everyone out there who actually reads my blogs that it's my cousin's birthday tomorrow…and I juss want to let the whole world [well, those who read this *laughs*] that I love her and that I hope that she has the greatest birthday ever. Her name is Presmarie, and she is in my top friends for those of you who want to wish her a happy birthday. *laughs*…and Pres, if you are reading this…Happy Birthday, Insan…I miss you and love you so much…and I wish that I were at your place right now celebrating…well I wish that I were there "tomorrow" since that is when it's going to technically be your birthday…but yeah, you know what I mean. *smiles* big hugs to you…

So today I spend nearly the whole day trying to finish my Organic Chemistry with Biochemistry Lecture take home exam…that was some hard stuff there! I hate it…and I'm still not finish. I'm actually online so that I can find some of the answer still…ugh…I'm not sure why I need this for Psychology…I really don't think the people that imma work with gonna really care about organic chemistry with biochemistry stuff…well, maybe they might. *shugs shoulders* who knows?! I won't know…kasi I doubt that I'mma remember all this stuff anyways…I was at my friends place doing my homework though, kasi I heard that he's good with this stuff…he read my book, man! So that he can understand it all! Wow…that's what friends are for…! There when you need help, ya?!

I wish that we didn't have class tomorrow…I'm so not looking forward to waking up again at…fully knowing that the teacher is going to be late anyways…but I juss can't be late…it's like it's permanently etched in my DNA that I have to on-time for things…maybe that's why I like spontaneous stuff because then you don't have to late or early, no?! You're juss…juss…*laughs* make any sense?! Yeah, I never said that I always make sense…kasi I doesn't make sense in my mind. *laughs* I don't understand why the teachers can't be more on time though! I mean, hello?! It's their job, yah?! So, why can't they be on time or early…I was always early when I was teaching at home…oh well…that's me though…

Goodness, I do miss my family something really bad. I so can't wait to see them again. It really drags if you are here for the summer…it really really really drags a lot and that really sucks a lot. But then I juss wanna see my family again. I miss them a lot.

Ugh…my hair is wet and it's leaking all over the place. Yeah, I love long hair and stuff…but then it gets your clothes all wet…and in my case since I'm wearing a tube top…it's getting my back all wet. *laughs* oh okay…I'm not complaining…I'm juss stating a fact…with maybe a little complaining up there somewhere…I really need to get myself a hair dryer…but then it's so pointless since my hair really doesn't take that long to dry…but the process is so uncomfortable…*laughs* but I think short hair tickles your neck…and I didn't like that at all since I'm really ticklish! *laughs* oh well….my hair will be dry soon….

Well, I best go now…maybe this wasn't as short as I thought it would be. *laughs* but you KNOW that if I was talking all this, it would have been only like a quick minute or two. *laughs* Goodness, I miss you all so much at home…I really miss you all so very much…I love you all too!!! Take care, ya?!

*hugs and kisses*

"I don't wanna lose you, I can't never make it alone. Cause I am a [wo]man who will fight for your honor, I'll be the hero[ine] that you're dreaming of….we did it all for the glory of love."


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