Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jynnylicious!!

w that she doesn't really go on myspace…she doesn't even have a myspace account…but I know that she goes on Eddie's myspace sometimes and checks things out…so on the slim chance that you're even gonna read this blog, Jynjyn…happy birthday…I wish for you the best and hope for you success. I love you.
oday, I went out with 10 other friends…8 guys and 2 other girls to go see Iron Man…I was kinda iffy on watching it since my sister said that she didn't really like it. It was an okay movie…I thought the beginning was sorta slow…and there was a part that reminded me of that Silver Surfer movie that came out a few months ago…but it was okay. I didn't really want it to be a planned event because if you plan things then for some reason, things juss get to complicated and stuff like that…so us 3 girls "went ahead" of the guys…but somehow that guys got to the theater first. *laughs* how did that work out!? But the company was good and it was fun.

I am really liking Avril's "Keep Holding On" song for the moment…Joy "gave" me that song one time when I was really really really down last year…and so when I hear it, it makes me think of that time when I was so down and Joyness "gave" that song to me…and yeah. Goodness, I really do miss my roomies a lot. I miss Jyn and Joy a lot…I know that they are happy to be home though…and I'm happy for them because it's hard to be away from home for a long time…and I'm sure that they are having fun with their friends and things like that…but I miss them. A lot.

I love my friends. I really love my friends…because I know that my friends can always make me smile…yeah, there are times where I'm juss smiling for show…but for the most part, I know that if ever I'm down there are friends that can keep me from going so down and deep into depression…and for that I love them. I think that it's possible to have an unlimited number of friends…and there are friends for different things…you know those friends who you can juss let it all out and act crazy with…those hang out friends…those music friends, sport friends…your school friends, church friends, neighbor friends, city friends, and my favorite--those rare all-round-type friends. Those friends who you know that you can be happy, sad, mad, with…those you can vent to, those you can trust with your secrets…those who know you strengths and weaknesses, your imperfect flaws and still accept you for who you are. Those friends who see past the smile that hides the pain…Those friends who tell you the truth even though they know that it might hurt you, but know that you would rather know the truth. Yeah, I love all my friends.

There was this one time where I was talking with Joy and I asked her how it was to faint. I have never fainted before and I was wondering what it was like to faint…like is it you juss going along your daily life and then you all of a sudden you are waking up, and your like "what the…!?" Or something like that…or do you know that you're going to faint…Joyness said that you can tell that you are going to faint. Like you know it because you start seeing static…her example was when you are channel surfing and you go to a channel that you don't have and you see that black and white million of dots like thingy…like that…and that was weird to me…really?! You really do see that?! You know what she also asked me…if I get hit, do I really see stars…you know like in the cartoon or something….yeah, for me no…and I have gotten hit by a Soft(whatever! It's SO not soft!)ball…a football…I've also gotten tackled…I've gotten my breath knocked out of me…or like if I set the volleyball wrong and I get hit in the face *laughs* (you know that happened to you too!!!) or even if someone spikes the ball hella hard and my face was the target…yeah, I've gotten hit…but no I don't see star…she said that she does…I don't know what I see really…I know that I experience pain like wow…but that's all really. Yeah, that was a random topic! *laughs*

I really wanna get a pet…like a furry pet…I'm seriously thinking of getting another cat…it's too lonely living alone…I do love my fish a lot…they are my "cherubs" but they don't really DO anything…and I hate it when the electricity goes off and I'm stuck here myself and I have to tell myself to breath all night or I might die! *laughs*…but it would be nice to have a kitty with me or something…I do want a puppy…but I would need to house train it and I'm always in and out of the house and stuff…and there is a puppy downstairs that I play with a lot…it really needs to be trained though…

Hm…I'm talking randomly now…and so I better get going now. Yeah, this blog was mainly to let everyone know that it's JynJyn's birthday…and that I miss her and her sister a lot. *laughs* and so yeah….anyways…yeah…imma go now…

I love you and miss you all so very much!

*hugs and kisses*

"Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education." –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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