Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I juss got this text from my friend that said, "U.S Geological Society Predicts a 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake will hit Philippine Planes tonight. Please be calm and alert. This text message from Hawaii State Emergency Preparedness Office. Please pass. Its on the news now. Baguio and Cagayan Vally are affected now. Watch the news."...sorta scares me...because one of my greatest fears of being here is some sort of natural calamity will happen and then i can't get home...and that's scarey...I don't wanna be stuck here...i know that storms are hitting us bad right now since the typhoons are here again...and i heard that there are hurricanes going on in the other side of the states (well...other side from cali...i still think from there...jejeje)...and i hope my friends and family are okay there...and gosh...these horrible weather stuff suck a lot, no?!
I'm alone at my i really hope nothing horrible happens...
Well miss you all so much and i love you all muchoness...take care everyone...and we'll see each other SOON! jejeje...*wedding bells are ringing* :)
*hugs and kisses*

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