Saturday, January 12, 2008



Bottled up inside
Are the words I never said
The feelings that I hide
The lines you never read

You can see it in my eyes
Read it in my face
Trapped inside are lies
Of the past I can't replace

With memories that linger
Won't seem to go away
Why can't I be happier?
Today's a brand new day

Yesterdays are over
Even though the hurting's not
Nothing lasts forever
I must cherish what I got

Don't take my love for granted
For so it will be gone
All you've ever wanted
Of the love you thought you'd won

The hurt I'm feeling now
Won't disappear over night
But someday, somehow
Everything will turn out all right

No more wishing for the past
It wasn't meant to be
It didn't seem to last
So I have to set him free

My roomie…or should I say my next "wall" neighbor…Joynessless wrote this poem a few years ago….It's not my business to tell the story behind it, but I wanted to share it here on my blog because, I really like it. It's on my wall right now actually…I think that it's a pretty good poem. But yeah. That's that's.

Sorry for all of those who read my blogs, I know that I haven't written in here for such along time, and I'm not gonna make up any excuse for it either…but sorry to disappoint you mi amigos, but I really do gotta go, I juss thought to post up this poem that my "next 'wall' neighbor" wrote….but Im swear that I will get back to you…! I miss you all so much!!!

*hugs and kisses*

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