Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Everyone Again.

And so today I had refused to stay home and bum around doing nothing because even though I'm sick, I have to get out…and plus, I think that I'm at that point where I can forget that I'm actually sick. My nose is still so very pluggy and my eyes hurt and I cough and my throat is killing me. But who cares…I can either live my life as if I'm sick, or I can live my life as if I'm NOT sick, and I would much rather pretend that I'm not sick, because being sick really sucks.

So I woke up at 9:am today and juss laid in my bed until 10:am…and then I took a shower, a REALLY cold shower, and then I cleaned my room. I texted my friends Joanna and Christine if they wanted to hang out today and stuff. But they texted me that they'll text me since they were cleaning their room for open house this weekend. And so I was like okay. A few hours later they text me and told me to meet them at 3:30pm at the top of my hill…with Sebastian…and Sebastian would be my volleyball…yep that's what I named him…and yes, it's a he…don't ask me how I know. I juss know it. Anyways…a few minutes later they told me to forget Sebastian for today and juss meet them on the hill myself because we were gonna watch the soccer game the Indo's vs. African's

So I play a lot of sports, ya…I understand a lot of sports…I guess once you play one field game, you can sorta get the idea of other field games…but for some reason I couldn't understand how to play soccer. Don't get me wrong though, because I do kinda sorta but not really understand how to play the sport. But another thing was that I didn't know a lot of the players. Okay, I take that back…I knew a lot of the players…the thing was I didn't know how they played since I don't normally watch soccer. The two sports that this country seems to like watching are soccer and boxing…two sports in which I'm really ignorant in. Well, I can sorta understand them…but not really…I'm more of a football…AMERICAN football, basketball and volleyball kind of girl. I understand those games…but they aren't really big on those sports here.

Anyways…we mingle around a bit…me Chris and Joanna greet our friends, wish our friends who are playing good luck and sit back and watch…it was the MOST QUIETEST GAME EVER! If you know me…I'm always cheering out loud…and when I mean out loud…I mean out loud…I'm sooo loud…yeah, I remember there was a time when I was cheering in the gym with my friend when they were playing basketball, and me and my friend were so loud that they said that if we didn't quiet it down, we would be kicked out of the gym…and I was like, uhm…oh okay…POOR SPORT!! But we still cheered loud…but not TOO loud this time…but whoever heard of being too quiet when you are cheering your team on?!

Anyways, so I get bored fast because there is no loud cheering, I don't really understand the game that much and so I go into the gym with Jo and Chris since Chris had to do attendance anyways. And I see a game of guys playing volleyball…and some of my friends where playing, and so since nursing is such a LONG line to write your attendance, I ended watching with Jo the game of volleyball…and it was funny because I so got caught up in the game! I was yelling at the guys…that was SO out…don't hit the ball! Net! Dink!! Touch!! Call it! What are you?! Ladies?! Come on, LADIES! Side out!! Setter out!! CALL IT!! What is this!!? You need to call the ball! Back! Short! FREE BALL!!! HIT! Oh man…it was great…I so missed it a lot…but before the game was over, Chris finished with attendance and so we went back to watch the soccer game and we got bored again, and so we went back to the gym again and then there was no more volleyball…juss a bunch of guys showing off their spike skills…and that's doesn't really impress me much anymore! *laughs*

So we meet up with our friend Leo (who is from Hawaii and he SO reminds me Hawaii!) who was one of the guys who was on the volleyball team that I was watching…and we go back to the field to see how the game was going and then Jo see's our other friend Marlon who happened to have her tennis rackets in his car and his car was there, and so we went and got his tennis rackets, and we went to go play tennis. And even though I really suck at tennis, it was really fun to play. Leo knows how to play and he's a really patient guy when he's teaching you. I think I go in the hang of it…ended up running after the ball most of the time…but it was a good work out and I really missed it so much, because I remember that I use to SO be into sports and I miss that a lot and learning tennis brought me back to that good kind of tired. We played until we couldn't see the court any longer and then we headed back.

Tomorrow Imma meet up with Joanna and play tennis again. I remember when I was home for "Summer"…Marcus and my brother would go and play tennis, and I played some with Melissa, and it was fun. I wanna learn how to play tennis…it's a good sport to play with you don't have a whole team to play with. I don't think that I know a sport…well that I'm good in a sport that isn't a whole team and stuff…so tennis is a good sport. I want to be good in Table Tennis like my daddy is…and stuff…I guess darts is also good to play…and you can even play it by yourself if you wanted too and stuff…but then yeah…Tennis gives you a whole work out for the whole body and stuff.  But I'm swear that I can't wait until I go home again so that I can play volleyball again. I miss that a lot…and our random games of football. Gosh, I miss that so much

Earlier today, I was talking with my roomie, Joy, about how recently I have been feeling so homesick lately and I can't help myself. I'm trying to keep pushing myself forward and try not think of home…but the more I force myself not think of home, the more I miss home a lot. When I'm in my room, it reminds me of home, because it's decorated the way it would be if I was at home…and all you who know me know what I'm talking about…but then I see how small my room is and how the walls don't even reach the ceiling and stuff…and I get all sad again.

Last night I had this dream that I was in the snow with a lot of people…juss a lot of friends that I had all over the world. We were in Boreal…and since I don't really ski or snowboard I was juss with friends playing in the snow and stuff…and then it was time to go home and we were driving, and you know how dreams are juss so unpredictable and stuff…and you juss know things in your dream, and you don't even know how you know some of the things…but I remember knowing that we weren't going to go home…but that we were on our way to the beach. We still had our snow gear, but it was sunny outside and we were going to the beach, when we got to the beach, it was a water park at the beach and we were playing…and they had the half pipe there that you could inter-tube in and stuff and I remember that all through the time someone was texting me the whole time…and I would answer the text telling more friends where I was and that they should come and play with us at the water park. Anyways, I was tired from the long day so I was on the lazy river…you know those lazy rivers that they have in them water parks and stuff…well yeah I was on that…and I "woke up" and I remember going downstairs to toast blueberry waffles and eat it with applesauce and cinnamon. And I was getting annoyed because someone kept texting me. And then I was awake. F'realz this time…and I did have a text on my phone…the thing is, I had set my phone to periodically message me if someone texted me, and I know that was the text that I was hearing through all my dream and stuff. But it was so disappointing and heart hurting to know that I really wasn't home. That I wouldn't be going downstairs to get me some blueberry waffles with applesauce and cinnamon. Gosh I miss home.

Well anyways, I'm starting to have a headache and so Imma go and take a nap now!

*hugs and kisses*