Monday, November 5, 2007

First day...OH NO!!! *smiles*

So I went to my first day of class today at 9:am in the morning, and as early as that sounds, it's actually not bad. I have a class that starts at 7:30am on Thursday, so I would like to count myself lucky that I don't have that everyday…because I know that last semester I had class that starts at 7:30am and 8:am…and THAT was too early, and I was tired all the time…my class today was Historical and Philosophical Theories of Psychology…it's not all that exciting…so I'm hoping that it will start being okay…but it's not that bad…that teacher is funny nice, and I like my classmates. I know some of them, and I thought that I wouldn't know anyone too! But I did end up know a few of my classmates already…so that is good.

And that was my only class on Monday and Wednesday…but before you say that I'm lucky that I only have one class on Monday and Wednesday…remember that I still have Tuesday and Thursday and those two classes are so packed that I don't know how I'm going to handle all those classes…but we will see if I will survive tomorrow and stuff…! Wish me luck…

Well, my friend Jo came over today, and my heart hurts so badly for her at this moment. Everyone knows how much I hate saying good-bye…and she had to say good-bye to her boyfriend yesterday…and that has be something really hard to do…I should know. He had come over from London to visit her and he had to leave her yesterday…We did end up going clubbing on Saturday…I was kinda iffy about going because like I said, I would have wanted to spend time with my guy with me and me alone for the last few days alone…but she really wanted to go…and so me, Jyn, Joy and Eddie went to go clubbing with them two. We wanted the "other girls" to come, but our friend ended up in the hospital because of…..yeah….and so they went to stay with her…but it's all good. I still had a lot of fun.
Me and Joy were hella dancing it up…Eddie was really tired because he had duty for two 12-hour shift days…and he barely had any time to go to sleep, and so yeah…we didn't really want any guys to come up to us and dance with us, because it was funny when guys came up to dance with me and Joy, we would not really dance…and there was this time where we had hella guys juss watching us…and we were juss dancing with each other…and we were laughing…because it was the times where it was my song and Joy's song's were playing…I'm really liking the song, Cyclone by Baby Bash right now…and Joy likes Bartender….and so yeah…but it was fun…sometimes it's juss fun to go dancing with your friends and laugh because your having fun…and stuff like that…

But it was still sad because the next day (Sunday) AJ had to leave….that would be Jo's boyfriend…and yeah, we had crashed their condo in Manila…and so we wanted to leave right away because we wanted to give them their time alone together before he left…I can only imagine that must have been really hard to do…to say bye. Maybe that's why even though I really want to go back home…I don't wanna because I always have a hard time saying bye…I hate goodbye's so much. I had fun with AJ and Jo while he was here…and I'll remember it, so I'll miss him…but he said that he'll back next year, and Jo is still here, and she is always fun to hang out with.

Well, the thing that is really annoying me right now is some animal is leaving their shit in front of our apartment door! And it pisses me off because I think that it's my neighbor's dog! And it pisses me off to no bounds because they had me get rid of my pet because yeah…they said that he was shitting all over the place…when I know that wasn't true because Miles use to sleep with me at night, and the shit would appear during the night…so it wasn't Miles…and now their pet is shitting at our place! And they aren't cleaning it up…and it's GROSS!!! I mean, more than gross…it's REALLY gross…and then when I came back from class that was a fuckin' DEAD rat…and unless my roomies decided to get up and shit and kill rats in front of our apartment then it sure wasn't our house who did that stuff…and it's our neighbor's because they have FOUR cats and TWO dogs…and they said I had to get rid of Miles…I'm so mad at them right now! They better clean up their shit! Literally! Well, Eddie got rid of the rat awhile ago…I'm so thankful to him…but the shit is still there…

Well…hm…I'm suppose to go to Paseo as soon as my roomie gets back from enrolling…yeah, both my roomies aren't done enrolling yet! And school actually started LAST week…I was late in enrolling too, but I'm done now…so I hope that they are going good with getting their classes. They were texting me awhile ago…you know that is what I love about my roomies…every so often, I'll get a text from them asking how I'm doing. Even though we are roomies, they still text me at random times in the day to ask how I'm doing. I so love my roomies a lot.

One day, I want all my friends at home to meet all the friends that I have here in the Philippines…I think that you two will all get a long really good. My roomies especially. Joy is a little more on the quiet side…but she is a lot of fun too! I go out with her a lot…and she makes me laugh…Jyn too, she is an awesome friend, roomie and girlfriend of my cousin (yep, that would be Eddie!) She is so thoughtful…I juss know that everyone back at home will like her…them. Both of them…even their brother is pretty awesome as well.

Well, I'm juss blabbering right now, and so I guess I should be on my way and go…but juss letting you know (all of you!) that I miss you all a lot! ::hugz::

*blows a kiss*

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