Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ten Things That Makes Me Smile [here in the Philippines]

So, as I was writing my other thingy thing thing, I realized that WOW, this makes me look like I only see the bad things that happen here, things that really piss me off…but trust me, there are a lot of things that make me smile. More than ten actually, but…here are ten things that make me smile…

10. When I wake up and I'm in a rush to class because I didn't "obey" my alarms and took those "five more minutes" of sleep…and even though the teacher is most likely going to be late…habits are hard to break, and I can't bring myself to be late…so I'm rushing fast to class…I live on the second floor of apartments, and so I'm running down the stairs…carefully…and then the little boy (Wilbert) on the first floor is outside playing with his new puppy. And Wilbert is laughing and the puppy is wagging her tail and comes up to me with her tongue hanging out and does a cute little "yap" and I can't help but crouch down and spend a few moments playing with the puppy and Wilbert…juss a few moments since I realize that I are still going to be late for class…but as I stand up to start rushing off to class again, I can't help but smile.

9.  It's raining outside…and there is no classes because there is a warning of a storm coming. I get so bored juss staying inside the house. My room mates get so bored juss staying inside the house…all I can hear is the heavy down pour of the raindrops and the loud rushing sound of the river rushing below the apartments…finally I get so bored that I open the front door and juss look at the rain. Then I step out and go to a place where the rain is falling on me…and then I remember the stories that my parents told me that when they were younger and growing up in thePhilippines, it would rain so hard that they would take a shower in the rain. I don't take a shower in the rain though, but I juss sit there in the rain, watching the river rush by and enjoy the nature of the raindrops and the rushing of the river and smile.

8.  After waiting in line for millions and katrillions of years, I'm finally done with enrollement…I'm tired, and all I wanna do is juss go home already and juss relax…as I slowly make my way home, I past the post office…and I wonder, should I check the mail to see if I get something, or should I juss walk on by because most likely I won't get anything in the mail. Well, what is there too lose, it's right there anyways…so I walk to the post office and see if my name is on the list to see if I got mail…and lo' and behold…there is my name…Charity P*******!!!…and I tell the Ate there that my name is on the list that has a letter…all excited because I got a letter, but instead of getting one letter I get TWO letters from my pen pals! I thank Ate for the letters…turn away, look at the return address and with more spring in my step I go home to read my letters and I smile.

7.  It is a hot, hot, super humid day…and it feels like there is no escape from the heat. There is no breeze to chase away the hotness that cocoon's around me. I sluggishly make my way home…when all of a sudden two hands cover my eyes and yells, "guess who?!?" After awhile, I figure out who it is…and they suggest that we go to the restaurant and get ourselves some shakes to drink while we catch up on how we are doing. So arm-in-arm…we walk to the restaurant talking a million words per minute, order our chocolate and strawberry shakes, and laugh until everyone looks at us and wonder's what has got us laughing. An hour or so later as we say "see you later" to each other blowing kisses to each other in the wind as we turn around to go our separate ways, I smile.

6. I am walking along…trying to get home as soon as possible because I have been up all day, had classes all day, and I am juss physically, emotionally, and mentally tired, you know how it goes! It takes forever and a day to get back home…when all of a sudden a motorcycle comes roaring by honking it's horn, and your thinking what is your problem?!?! Then all of a sudden that motorcycle turns around and slowly makes it's way back to me, and I realize that it's my friend! He tells me to hop on and he drives me home…and as we ride along...I hold on so that I won't fall off, and the breeze that is created by riding fast blows my hair back from my face and makes me smile.

5.  I'm a light sleeper, but there are those few times in a blue moon when I am so tired—mentally, physically and mostly emotionally…that I sleep the whole night through without waking up at all. The only time I wake up is when my 1st alarm wakes me up. Which, as always, irritates me because I don't wanna get up. When my 3rd alarm goes off…I grudgingly, slowly, painfully, get up and check my phone for the time…and I have a text message…from home juss saying "I was thinking about you, and wanted to let you know that I love and miss you" type of thing…and I get this warm feeling inside me and I'm in a good…well better mood…and I smile.

4.  Being away from home sometimes it's hard because sometimes I juss wanna see my family and friends again, even if it's juss a few minutes. And when I get a phone call from home, I still cry, because it's so hard sometimes…their voice is so clear and right there, that I feel like I could juss jump in a car and juss drive over to their house and meet up with whoever I was on the phone with. But that can't happen because they are far away…a lot of times I go to the bathroom and cry, because it's the only place in the house where you can have 100% privacy. And I don't like crying in front of people…so I juss pretend that I have to take a shower and my tears fall as the cold freezing water is pouring down on me. When I have gotten a hold of myself, and I can put that smile back on my face, I get out of the shower...dry my hair as much as possible…wrap the towel around me and make my way to my room, and on my bed there is a simple note from my roomies, letting me know that they are there for me when I wanna cry, and that they are my sister's while I am here and they are my family and friend's here. And that I'm not really all alone. Having friends… "sisters" ….like them, makes me smile.

3.  Sometimes being away from my sister and brother is so overbearing that I would do juss about anything to see them again. I text my brother and sister that I miss them, because that is all that I can really do…and then my brother sends me a lot of load. And I call him and we talk and talk and talk. When I run out of load, he sends me load again, and then I call him again, and then we talk and talk and talk…over and over again it goes until I am okay again. We talk about everyday things, as if we are still in the same country. Then when my brother is sure that I'm okay, he tells me that he will send me load one more time so that I can have load after I use it up talking to him…and that I will be okay. When I need someone the most, he is there for me in the only way that he can be…and I appreciate and love him to heaven for that. Even with all the miles that keeps us apart, he is still able to make me smile.

2.  Last year, I fell in love with an adorable little black and white kitty. When we moved places, I brought him with me to the apartment, and he would come inside the house and at night he would sleep with me in my bed. He would sleep right next to me, and in the morning he would wake me up by rubbing my face with his face. During the day, when I'm laying on my bed he would jump on my bed and juss fall asleep on my back or something. He would get crazy and chase none existent things…I swear he had a foot fetish since he would be laying "sleeping" somewhere in the house and you would walk by and he would attack your feet! When I was forced to give him away, I was devastated, cried for days, and still when I think too hard about it…I still get really upset, because he was my "baby" and it was so hard to give him up. I go visit him every so often when I have time. The people who have him now take really good care of him…but whenever I go see him, he still remembers me and comes up to me and he still attacks me feet, he still stays near me, and he even follows me when I have to leave which makes me tear up. But seeing Miles, my baby, makes me smile.

1.  Fourteen days ago I got this phone call at 6:am in the morning. At first I couldn't figure out who it was, because I was still more than half asleep…and I was talking (I swear) in my sleep or something. When I figured out who it was, I was pretty excited because I hadn't spoken to her in a long time and I really missed her a lot. Then she told me WHY she was calling…she called to tell me that KUYA NEAL PROPOSED TO HER! And so yeah, hearing the happiness in my sister's voice, and speaking with her after such a long time…put one of the biggest smiles on my face (even if it was only 6 in the morning!).

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