Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Ramblings of Miz Shorty

So here I am sitting on my bed with my laptop open on my pillow trying to figure out what topic I should write about. I have been writing pretty melancholy stuff lately, and I think that I should change that…but uhm…yeah…so I am here sitting on my bed thinking of what I should write when I get this text…FROM MY BEST FRIEND! Gosh, it's so good to hear from home…and from your best friend no doubt! She wanted to know when she can call me…anyways I called her, talked to her for a few minutes…and that was good…you never how good English sounds to your ears…unblemished with different accents until you live in a country that English is not the first language, and when someone speaks English to you it's with a different accent and hesitant and "broken." Not that I'm complaining…I'm sure that EVERYONE and their mom and dad and dog are saying that the same thing about my slaughtering of the beautiful language of Tagalog! *laughs* But hey, don't hate…I'm getting so much better…! Imma be a pro at it, juss you wait and watch! I guess it's good that I'm forced to speak Tagalog more here, because it forces me to speak slower…but can you imagine that people are not telling me to SLOW DOWN because I still speak to fast! Gosh, I so swear…people need to step on it! *laughs* juss joking…I guess that makes me different…I talk fast.

I really can't sleep. I know that it's lunch time already, but I have been awake since uhm…7:am…concerning the fact that I went to sleep at around 6:30ishy am…I only know that because I was up texting a friend until that late. And no I wasn't up because I was texting, I was  texting because I was up and I couldn't go to sleep. We actually started texting at 3:am…crazy boy! What's he doing up so early in the morning/late at night anyways! *laughs* and what was I doing? I was writing. Don't know if all you people's know that I'm a letter writer…but I am…so I was up writing letters. I have learned that if you wanna get letters in the mail, you need to write yourself…but if you know me…I have always been a letter writer no matter where I am. So hey…if you wanna write…feel free to write. *smiles* I do do e-pal's as well, but then, I rarely go online anymore. I do get back at you, juss might take even longer than snail mail. But yeah…

So yesterday morning I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep…it was 6:am…and WHO gets up at 6:am in the morning when you have no school, no work, no LIFE! *laughs*…and then I get this text… "Si Charity Patrco i2 (Is this Charity 'Patrco'?)" and I'm like…uhm…yeah, I'm Charity (who calls me that anyways!?!) wusup with my last name?! what happened to all the "i's"!? Anyways…it was this delivering company…and they were delivering me a HUGE package! Pretty cool, huh?! But at 6:am?! Anyways, I got Eddie to wake up to go to 1st gate to get it…and this little guy…like maybe 5'5" or something…CARRIES THE PACKAGE TO MY HOUSE?! Okay…you guys, give me a break, I wouldn't be THAT surprise if it was this tiny ass package that I could carry myself…but it was this HUGE (Balikbayan) BOX that prolly weighted near to uhm…70-80 pounds…and he carried that thing by himself all the way to my house, which is not the nearest to 1st or even 2nd gate! My gosh, I complain about how heavy my school bag is when I walk it…much less something like 100 million times heavier! So here I was and it was not 7:am in the morning…and I had this hug box from home in my tiny living room…and I go to my room and I finally go to sleep…it wasn't until later that after that I actually open it though…something spilled in it…so when I opened it…and overwhelming smell of something like the wilderness or something flooded the WHOLE house! Couldn't figure out what it was at first…you wanna know what it was though…it was the hand sanitizer aloe vera scented bottle thingy that opened! Oh well, it wasn't that terrible of a smell…it was juss really strong smelling…I love presents and getting anything from home is like a present to me! *smiles*

Oh yeah…yesterday I was online for an extremely LONG time…with extremely TERRIBLE SLOW internet connection…and so it was like I was on for 10 minutes…but am I complaining?! *sarcastic* oh no! Not me! Never me…but anyways…I was on here for a moment…and guess who I saw on?! My cousin…it's been SUCH a long time since I last spoke with him! And so we ishy talked…only ishy because it was the ghetto way…you know the comment and the sending of the message way…but hey, it was "communicating" and that's all that really totally matters, right?! He doesn't have a phone that I can reach him at…so that sucks…oh well…life sucks…get over it! *laughs* but it was good to "talk" to him for that short moment.

"Che, today is your day!" That banner is on my wall…my roomie made it for me on my birthday…but you know, it's good that it's on my wall…I guess it's another way to say, "SIEZE THE DAY!" I mean, if I wake up each day and I'm greeted with "Che, Today is your day!" then, hey…I should take advantage of it, ya?! My gosh…does anyone remember what my room looks like when I was at home?! Anyone?! Yeah…it's sorta what my room looks like right now…pictures, posters, random things galore all over…fairy lights (aka Christmas lights) up…oh and I even have my very own disco ball up…hanging from my ceiling…it's pretty cool…I did make a video about my room…wish that I can show you all…but I'm not to sure how to do that…so yeah, juss imagine it…my room is pretty small though…prolly uhm…I'm guessing by juss looking at it…uhm..7x10feet…yeah…TINY! My biggest space is my bed…so I do everything on my bed…well, I have a bunk bed…so my bed is on the top…since it's really not that high up…it's prolly as high up as my BOTTOM bunk was in Graff (my dorm room in PUC). But yeah…it's my own personal space and I like my own personal space. But yeah… "Che, today is your day!"

So, my sister is getting married soon…well, I have NO idea how soon…or when…but hey, she is engaged…wow. How life speeds by and you don't even KNOW how that happened! MY SISTER…ENGAGED?! It's not that unbelievable…but when I start looking back at when we were younger…I'm thinking…whoa! I use to fight with that chicka EVERYDAY…I have this picture here on my closet/table thingy…and it's of me and my sister of when we were prolly uhm…I would say…7 maybe 8 years old…and my sister is either 8 or 9 years old…and it's at the stage where our hair was cut hella short…and I mean HELLA short…you can see our EARS for crying out loud…and it was permed curly…and a little sprout thingy on the top…(Aww…how cute!) and we are both wearing red and white…could be valentine's day…ionno…we are in the backyard of our childhood house…and we are hugging each other. It's pretty cute, I suppose…but mandope! How the years speed by! I'm superness…duperness happy for her. Yep! Yep! Yep! *thinks back* (sitting in my sister's nutrition class…and she is sitting on the other side of the classroom…and the classroom is HUGE!, I was actually with my then-roomie…and my sister happened to be in that class…and I remember she was SIGNING letter by letter that she liked this guy named N-E-A-L…and I was like WHAT?! That was pretty funny!) *snaps out of it…is back to present time now*

Hm…I think that I should go out and cook lunch now…a late lunch more like it…it's 1:09pm na…so yeah…late lunch…but yeah…my random ramblings of today! Peace out yo'! *smiles* *does princess wave goodbye* (elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist-flick your hair-and blow a kiss) *LAUGHS*

Today's gonna be a good day….*SMILES*