Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's all about me.


Favorite Color: pink, green, silver
Favorite Food: applesauce and blueberries
Favorite Month: June
Favorite Song: Valentine by Martina Mcbride
Favorite Movie: The Litte Mermaid
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Cookie Dough
Favorite Time of Day: 12:48


Current Mood: sad
Current Taste: Raspberry Iced Tea
Current Clothes: Pink PJ pants with strips and a pink speghetti top
Current Desktop: a cartoon that made me laugh so hard with I first saw it.
Current Toenail Color: pink with glitter
Current Time: 9:20pm
Current Surroundings: my suitcase, nail polish box, a Bath & Body Works bag
Current Thoughts: "how does one walk away from all of the memories, how does one not miss you when you are gone?"


First Best Friend: Sarah
First Kiss: my mom
First Screen Name: QueenJezibelle
First Pet: Snowball
First Piercing: ...
First Crush: *laughs* Anthony Vila
First CD: Gosh, I can't even remember! I think the first one that I personally bought was a Creed CD


Last Coffee: You know, actually since I've been here in the States, I haven't drunk coffee...not when there is a Jamba Juice so near by! *laughs*
Last Drink: Raspberry Iced Tea
Last Car Ride: Coming back from my cousins graduation
Last Kiss: ...
Last Movie Seen: Uhm...I saw Deja Vu a few nights back...
Last Phone Call: Melissa
Last CD Played: Green Day's American Idiot

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Nope...
Have You Ever Broken the Law: not intentionally...
Have You Ever Been Arrested: nof
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: in my bathtub... <--- Me too LOL. <~~I love that answer!
Have You Ever Been on TV: yep
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: nope....


Thing You're Wearing: I thought I already established that?!
Thing You've Done Today: worked out, read a book, packed one of my suitcases, took a shower, help Melissa with her invitations...
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: "Can not feel how we feel, must pretend it's over. Must be brave, and we must go on. Must not say what we known all along, how can i not love you, what do i tell my heart, when do i not want you in my arms, how does one walk away from all the memories, how do i not miss you when you are gone. How can i not love you?" My song on my page...i LOVE LOVE that song...
Thing You Can't Live Without: Air
Thing You Do When You're Bored: write and sing


1. kitchen
2. room
3. Costco
4. backyard


1. Jesus
2. God
3. My Journal (does that count!) *laughs*


1. Black or White: black...
2. Hot or Cold: hot...

be fully happy/content with my life. <~~~~ I agree with you Joe!

1. Are you taller than your mom?
nope...I'm super short. *laughs* then again, so is my mommy!

2. What color is your car?

3. What is the closest thing to you that is red?
a bottle of nailpolish

4. What is your ringtone?

5. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
my heart....

6. What color is your favorite pillow?

7. What is your favorite video game
i'm not even gonna answer this one! *laughs* if you know me, you know the answer!

8. Had a nap today?
nope...but I should of...my head is aching!

9. Gold or Silver?
silver, or white gold. <~~~~~ me too Joe!

10. Is there an animal that creeps you out?
do insects count?...i HATE cockroaches...*shivers* and humungous, thick, hair spiders that are bigger than your hand and they JUMP!!! and did you know that cockroaches FLY!!!

11. Who was the last person you rode an elevator with?
wow...thinking about it now...I dont' think that I have been in an elevator since i've been here in the states..i think the last times was when i was in the philippines with jyn and joy and eddie!

12. Did you go iceskating as a kid?
yes...and it was full of fun!

13. Ever have stitches?

14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Razzmatazz Jamba Juice with an energy boost

15. How long ago did you kiss someone?

16. What's something you want to do before you die?
I thought that this was something that was already asked...but I wanna go and see Atlantis before i die...*smiles*
17. Have you ever caught something on fire? yep...

18. Have you ever seen a ghost?

19. Have you ever seen the northern lights?
nope...but that is something that i wanna experience...

20. Do you know how to use chop sticks?
yeah, but I suck at it!

21. Name something good that happened today.
I figured that all the clothes that i wanna bring to the Philippines fit in my suitcase with a lot of room to spare!

22. What room are you in?
my bed room.

23. Are you worried about something you can't control?

24. Do you take daily medications?

26. Are you wearing nail polish?
on my fingers and on my toes.

27. Favorite color?

28. Innie or Outie?

29. Ever used a Ouija board?

30. Sweet or Sour?

31. Sun or Moon?

32. What shoes did you wear today?
imma flip-flops girl! *laughs*

33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex?
a twist between hazel, greenish, blueish... if you have that, come this way please...  <~~~I agree with you joe!

34. Most important quality in any relationship?
trust and communications.

35. Favorite zombie movie?
i dunno...I don't think that I have one...

36. Time of day you were born?
It think it was somewhere around lunch time...

37. Do you know your blood type?

39. Do you know how to kill a zombie?
you have to blow off their head. haha <~~~ Imma juss take Joe's word for it!

40. What would you spend 5,000,000 dollars on right now?
First of I would put 1 and a half million away in the bank to let it get interest...or have it put into stocks. Pay off any of my families debts. Buy my own jet plane. (Learn to fly it) uhm...buy my parents, my sister and brother and me a house...get us cars...uhm...treat my friends...uhm...TITHE!...and i would also start a home for foster kids and orphans and open a child care facility.

41. Name something annoying in public transit?
let's just say when your on BART or MUNI and its hella crowded, and you have to sytand next to someone who hella stank!! OMG thats so EHHH!! <~~~I love that answer, Joe...but for me switch that to a Jeepney...and i hate it when you smushed into a jeepney that it's obvious it can only hold like 15 and they smush like 20 more inside! my gosh! give me a break! it's HOT and SMELLY and everyone is SWEATING!

42.Did you grow up in the city or country?
i guess its the suburbs.

45. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show?
hm...not really...

46. Have you flown in your dreams?

48. Hugs or kisses?
hugs...but kisses are nice. *smiles*

49. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store..what do you get?
*laughs* candy...

50. Slurpee flavor?
cherry or blueberry...i love slurpees on a hot day!