Friday, May 18, 2007


Is it good to be counting down? Or will that make me more sadder than I already am feeling. It seems that I juss got home, to only be leaving again. And I notice that terrible me hasn't been keeping my blog updated as i should. *laughs* juss been so busy since I have been home. I thought that I would get to do so much more stuff and yeah...but now the times is drawing nearer and nearer where the goodbye words will have to come. I love my home, my family and my friends. I love the experience that I am having here, and I'm super sad that I will be going again.

I'm glad that I got to come home, to recharge myself. For what? Juss from being away from home. But sometimes I feel like, was it worth coming home to know that i'm juss gonna be heart broken when I leave again. I hate "goodbyes" they suck something really bad.
I have 10 more days until I leave. I remember when I was counting down in the Philippines about to come back home and I was so excited when I was down to 10 it's so close that its crazy how time flies. I was writing a friend and I said that since "time flies when you're having fun" and I dont' want time to fly while i'm home...does that mean, I don't wanna have fun?! *laughs* can't I have both...Fun and slower times? naw...i'm not stupid, time waits for no slows down for no one and eventually each second will past like that last second that juss past.

Well, I'm suppose to be cleaning my room now. it's sorta messy...but not too messy and since it's Friday, I have to be getting ready for the weekend. I know that my weekend is gonna be fun. This is the second to the last weekend that i'm here...and I want it to be filled with fun and memories...I need to take pictures after pictures after pictures *laughs*
I do miss my friends back in the Philippines...but i'm gona miss everyone here something aweful when i'm gone.
Well, today I went out with my friend to the mall juss to hang out. We had a lot of fun. We got matching cute rings and ring says "princess" and her's says "love" they are cute...and the keychains are cute little Elephants ...PURPLE elephants that says "lil sister" and "big sister" i got the big sister and she got the lil sister...they are so cute. It worsk out well because i love elephants and she likes the color purple. *laughs*

I'm kinda sad, because i barely had any time to spend with my daddy. He was always busy with work...or ALWAYS going out to help at the church...and when he's home he is tired. I'm sorta bitter about that. I mean, i'm trying not to be. I know that they want to renovate the church...but it's like he likes to spend more time helping out in the church and stuff than with me. And that sounds really spoiled and stuff...but i love my daddy and I juss wanted to spend time with family while i'm home for this short time. I'm not gonna be coming home again for another 3 years...and the church will always be there. And so now i'm almost leaving and i haven't gotten to spend time with my daddy because he is always going to the church and taking my brother along with him. I mean, it's not a bad thing or anything...i juss wished that he could have spend some time with me while i was home. Sucks.

These last few days, i'm gonna make it worth it. I love being home, but i konw that I have to leave. I know that when I come back...things are gonna be different. 3 years is a long time, and i'm gonna miss so much. but i'm gonna try not to think about that. I sure gonna miss it all though...

Well, i gotta start cleaning the house now. my mom is sleeping, my brother is at school, my dad is working and so it's only me. I miss my sister. A lot. I don't know if i'll get to see her before I leave. But I hope that she knows that i'm thinking of her.

"I can't explain this feeling, I think about it everyday. And even though we've moved on, it gets so hard to walk away...."

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