Monday, March 12, 2007

Perverted Peeping Person!

One thing that I had to get used to living here in the Philippines is how we don't have any blinds on the windows…we have "curtains" here and that is in quotations because they aren't really curtains really, juss wannabe curtains, I guess you can call them that…but yeah. Anyways…yeah…I hate that since I really hate dark windows and mirrors at night. The way my bed is positioned I had to chose where to put my head facing an open window or the mirror in the room…I chose to "face" the mirror…but then when I lay down, I can't even seen the mirror, so I figured that I am okay…I juss don't look in that direction at night. Well anyways…so my roomie Joy left at 5:30am to go to some art chalk contest a few towns over with her fine arts group, and Jyn had gone to do something about her Psychology thingamabobber…so I was left in the room, but then I was gonna leave at 10:30am to go out with my friend…so I get up at 9:am…since I couldn't sleep anymore…and I got up…and I went outside to feed Miles (my kitty) and then I went into the room, and I washed up, and stuff…then I decided to put my bra on…so here I am taking me shirt off …I was facing the wall…but then I happen to look over to the window, and there was a frigging guy looking in the friggin window! And I was like WTF!?!? And I literally grabbed my shirt that I had taken off and moved to the other side of the room…and I look back and that perve was still there looking…and I gave him a dirty look then he goes and tries to hide, but I could see him looking through the other window…and so by that time I had my shirt back on, and I called in the house helper and I brought her in the room and I asked who that guy was…and she said that she didn't know…but she had gone outside to check up on the cats…and that guy was friggin peeing in my uncles plants IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW!!! Good things I wasn't looking out the window them…she said that he saw her when she went outside, and she juss smiled…what a freakin pervert! So now I'm sooo paranoid that some "peeping" perv is outside looking in…and we can't do anything about it because we don't have frigging window blinds…and I mean it's our room…we can change wherever we want in the room, so now us girls are so paranoid…friggin' guy! Now we are thinking of getting better curtains…because we don't know if that guy will be out there watching us sleep…they don't really have safe windows here…and it's not like we have a dog like Baili Dru outside our room to "guard" us, or even to warn if there is someone out there…my roomie even commented how it would be nerve wrecking if we went online and found pictures posted of us…and they are the pictures that we do NOT want posted up of us…so you tell me, are we being paranoid, or what?! But that guy…my gosh! Well…now me and my roomies are so extremely careful when we change. And we are looking for window blinds…sucks that window blinds are a luxury here and so they are more on the expensive side…so maybe we'll juss have to make better curtains…gosh…there goes my "innocent" room…:)

So I was extremely bored today…but my friend Brian and Marlon came over and we were juss sitting in Bri's car…well first we were standing outside, and them here comes my other friend Jo, she had gone to Manila and I didn't go with her, because I was suppose to go get pet fish today but (sadly) I didn't so sad…but then that's okay…but she comes walking up with this big ass smile on her face and she hands me a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts…okay, so I'm not the biggest fan of donuts…I'm more of a cookie and brownie girl…but then I like the glazed Krispy Kreme donuts…so that was pretty cool. There is only ONE Krispy Kreme in the whole ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Philippines, and it's juss opened like a couple months ago…it reminded me of home…I know that a lot of my friends at home like Krispy Kreme donuts and I'm okay with them…but get me a Mrs. Field's cookie or brownie…and that is SO yummy! :) But that was so cool of Jo to do for me. She is an awesome girl…so fun, weird and random…

Oh…I found someone who "lies" more than me! My gosh…I remember the days in PUC when Michelle would introduce me as "This is my roomie Charity, she is a chronic liar…" oh those were the days….but then…I don't like I joke around…right…well MARLON LIES! He lies…I'm so swear…okay, he jokes around…you can NEVER believe him…like he goes all like, "I won't lie to you anymore…" And then the next sentence is a lie…my gosh…and I thought I joked/lied a lot…okay, I only joke around, not lie. :)

Miles…gosh…I love that kitty so much…he is like my little baby.  I wanna give him another bath…but I know that I shouldn't…it traumatizes that poor cute kitty. But I love carrying him into the room when I know that he is sleepy…and he cuddles with me…like, I will bring him in the room while I'm getting ready, and he will sleep on my bed, and then when I lay down on my bed he crawls up to me and he cuddles next to me. He is soooo adorable. He is so playful. It's so funny, because I have to feed him inside the house because I feed him special "human" tuna food…that's how I spoil my lil baby, and so he waits at the door and when you watch him it's so funny, he has a little gimp when he walks, since when I found him, I think he was abandoned, and so you can feel it his tail when it broke and I think he broke his leg, and it healed wrong, and so he walks with a slight limp…but it's a lot better then when I first found him…well he waits at the door and when you open the door, he runs in so fast, you sometimes miss him. That cute little one. :)

Well, it's getting closer and closer to when I'm coming home, and I feel like I can't take the wait anymore. I'm trying to stay focused on my school, but it's so hard when I know that I don't even have a month left here in this country! It's so hard when I know that in about two weeks I will be home…my goodness…I so feel it already. I am dreaming of home, and I am wanting home, and I am sooo excited that I feel like I'm gonna burst. I know that you won't know how I feel until you all try going away from home for a school year…and then you know that even when you do go home, you have to return back to wherever far away from home for who knows now long…but I so can't wait. My gosh…everyday will count, I know…and I will make memories…and dang…I so can't wait…!!!!

Well, I better go now…I miss you all so much…and I can't wait to see you all again!


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