Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My gosh...is this real?!

Hey you all, i started packing my stuff...and let me tell you that it's such a headache!!! i mean i have all MY stuff packed...but my cousins and other people want to send things home, and so that really pisses me off. I didn't want to bring a lot of things, and now i have to bring a LOT of things. My stuff all fits perfectly, and so now i have to leave some stuff behind juss so that i can fit everyone stuff...my gosh...i don't like that at all. Oh well...life goes on, and i'm going home soon! :) so yay for me!

The room was a chaotic mess and everything, but then everything is packed up. Our guardians told us, as in me and my roomies that we needed to move out by the end of the summer, which is May- the beginning of june...and since i'm not gonna be here...i had to pack ALL my stuff...so i have these three piles...one pile for what i'm gonna bring home, one for what is gonna move to the new place and one for donations. well, they aren't really piles...they are more like packed boxes and stuff. but i still have to pack my bed and all my pillows and stuff animals and the such.

You know one thing that i really hate? that is when we have a friggin FINAL and the teacher reviews with you what is going to be on the final, and then you get to the class to do your final...the teacher hands you your final test, and you sit down and you look at the test and you think "WTF?! is that?!" NOTHING that the teacher told you that was one the test was on the test and everything that he told you that WAS on the test was NOT on the test...and so here i was struggling trying to figure out the answers to questions that i vaguely remember talking about it in highschool. HIGHSCHOOL...thank God for highschool or else i would have totally failed the test. I really hate that though. because i studied for my anatomy and physio test...and he said that only the endocrine system, cardiac system, reproductive system, and about family planning will be on there...but then there wasn't. So i stayed up studying for 3 nights for no reason...on well, i know that i passed the class so that's all that matters...but still it sorta ticks me off...oh well. I'm going home soon anyways...

So, before i leave i heard that i needed and exit clearance...so i go to manila with jyn and eddie to go and get my exit clearance at the Immigration place...such far to get it...and guess what, i couldn't even complete it! The lines at the place...wait, not lines juss a chaotic mess and you have to juss push your way up to the front, and it took like 5 hours and we still didn't finish! So i have to go back there agian, maybe tommarow. But i need it before i leave...so i need to get it done. But it was fun when i went with Jyn and Eddie, because, when we went there, it was SUPER hot...and so i was wearing a spghetti top and a short skirt...and then we were dying of the hotness...and we step out of the building and it's raining like buckets outside...and we got soaking wet...so we started to dance in the rain, sorta....and people were staring at us...it was pretty randomly funny...and fun. but yeah. then we went to the mall and got something for my *ahem* yeah...:) secret! :)

I'm hungry...but the ulam isn't something i wanna eat...so i think that i'm gonna eat my fish thingy thing thing....it's good, from thailand...but i wish that the house helpers would cook something that we would actually eat. yesterday they cooked this thing that actually looked like pig intestine...or something like that...yeah, i didn't eat that either, so i'm hungry now. So i will go figure out what to eat.

Well, i think i'll end this now...ta ta for now! :)

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