Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maybe I should go to sleep now...

...but i really don't want too! It's exactly 1:am in the morning...but i don't feel like sleeping right now, even though i had a pretty "exciting" day here in AUP. Oh...i juss changed to 1:01am...:) I have to be up pretty early tommarow...okay, maybe 10:am isn't that early to some of you...but that sounds good to me...especially when i have to wake up SUPER early each and every morning of the week...not the weekend...but the week. Jejeje...all of us actually is awake in the room right now. Joy is doing something on her laptop...something for school, Jyn is writing in her Starbucks planner...and me is on my laptop writting letters to my e-mail "key"pals and writing this blog...i keep switching back and forth to my letter writing and writing this blog. And i'm listening to music...i think this is a song that my sister gave me...aww...i really miss my sister a lot.

Well, according to the calendar that i got from my best friend i have two more weeks until i come home. And I am so brother said that i have a Jamba Juice gift card waiting for me to fun is that!? yes, i love fruit smoothies...and i LOVE Jamba Juice...juss in-case you didn't know that already. Oh and...i love the energy boost with my drink...i know what you're thinking...ME need more energy?! jejeje...i like the taste. :)

Today was Saturday...or well i should say that "yesterday" was saturday...and i didn't go to church again. Because how i see it is...what is worst? going to church knowing that i will get NOTHING from it, but the judgement from those who think that are "perfect" or not going at all, knowing that i'm being true, and not fake. It's not like i did anything bad though.

At around uhm...lets say friend Jo asks me what i'm doing because she is "proper" bored...and i say that i'm bored too so we go to the playground and we swing...oh wow...we swing...i know that Jo doesn't really like to swing that high, or if anyone swings that high...she gets scared that we're gonna flip or something...but it's so fun. I remember all those days at NAJA when we use to have the old playground and the swings...i LOVE swings because of all those fun memories...and so i swing high...then my other friends joined us, and we played catch with a football and then we were bumping the volleyball around. Then we went on the see-saw...and we all balenced ourselves so that we didn't have to touch the ground...all of us...and we juss sad there suspended between the ground the "not" ground. :) i wouldn't say the sky...because we were a lil low for that...but you get my point right. We were there for a while until i said that i was hot and that i wanted then that was when we ordered Halo-Halo and gulaman from Chow 2nd place to eat here in the Philippines...well i think it's now bumped down to 3rd...but yeah..Sabarro is the 1st...then terriyaki boy is up there too. :)

Talking about Terriyaki Boy...that place is SO good...and that is mine and my friend's Redeem's place. We have this "our" day where we would juss hang out with us two and juss do whatever and go whereever we feel like. It's good that she is a native so that we don't really get lost, so that's good. But i love it. She is pretty shy, so i have those "deemo days" because she is so special to me since i survived my first year that i was here...and she is the type of person that doesn't really talk a lot when other's are i have our day, so that it will but juss us...and we found this perfect resturant...Terriyaki Boy...and the view is SO pretty...maybe i might post up some pictures some day. Yeah...our last "day" was last friday...yesterday...err...two days ago. :)

Tommarow...or today at 10:am, me and my roomies are suppose to go to SM Sta. Rosa...which is a small mall like 45 minutes away...and guess what?! i'm gonna go buy pet fish. It's weird that i'm finally realizing that i'll be here for a few more years, and so i have to survive this i need my own "family" to call my own here. My kitty Miles has grown up so much...but he's still that cute little ball of fur that i have learned to love so much...he is SO spoiled though...he eats Tuna. He doesn't like anything i have to buy him tuna all the time...and he loves to i'm always taking him to the room...and he cuddles with me when i sleep. And now i'm gonna get me some fish...and i think i want an Eel and one of those algae eater things...i really REALLY want a dog...but i don't think my guardians really appreciate that that much...and so yeah.

I am sooo excited to be going home soon. I can't wait to take a warm shower. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, be in my own room, have my "own" bathroom(ishy) do whatever i want...i am soo excited...i can't wait to eat my blueberries with applesauce, REAL ice-cream, go to clairs and icing and spencers...and hang out with my friends again. And i really can't wait to see my brother and sister again...oh gosh, i have missed them SO much...I feel so lucky that i'm so close with them the way that i am...even though we are far apart...i know that they are ALWAYS there for me when i need them...

There was this one day that i was having a SHITTY day (excuse the language Ebola...but it was!!) and i really wanted to talk to my sister, but my internet was connected with hell and wouldn't work right...and i was so frustrated taht i saw her online, but i coudln't talk to her, and i was sooo homesick that i broke, and i juss texted her to forget...i don't wanna talk to her...but she called me and totally made my day. I miss her SO much, and even though i don't get to see her until her birthday, i know that it's going to be a comfort being in the same COUNTRY...same STATE as her...:)

Well, i think that i'll be going now...miss you all so much...can't wait to see you all again!


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