Monday, February 19, 2007

whoa...this is trippy like WHOA!

hello everyone, i know that this won't matter to you, but i'm actually in my room right now, typing this blog, and it's not even on word, it's on the interent itself! this is so weird for me, because i'm not suppose to be able to get connecton here in my room! Really i'm not...i live so far away from anythying that it's impossibe to get connection on my laptop in my room. So i'm usually outside. but then now, recently the school had banned you having connection on your laptop or computer because it takes money away from them...greedy school...and so for a few days...more like weeks...i haven't had the interent connection to my this is sorta weird.

I was juss sitting on my bed, doing my homework when my roomie told me that she had internet connection...and that i should check..and viola...i have connection.  it's so weird. the server is saying that it's a default...but i wonder who we are having connection too...i wonder if they are reading what i'm writing right now...if so...HI...and THANKS SO MUCH! :) think they got that...

well, i better go you all...juss wanted to share this trippy moment with you..:)

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