Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hello All!

So right now I am sitting here on my bed, and it's 9:43am…and I have class at 10:30am…but I feel as if I can't move my body…and moving my fingers to type does NOT count since it doesn't take that much energy to move your fingers…I juss got out of a "shower/bath…" you know what?! You can't really call them a shower or a bath…you know what I mean right?! I mean, all you Filipino's that are reading this right now know what I mean right…you use a "tabu…." A shower is when you stand under a shower thingy…and a bath is when you fill up the bath tub and juss soak up the WARM /HOTwater…no that's not what we have here…we have the tabu…jejeje…it's funny when you think of it…but when you have to experience it EVERY SINGLE DAY…it's SO not funny! J But look at me, I'm still smiling….kasi I'm thinking "adventure, adventure, adventure" (right Ebola!? all had to be there to understand! J) The water these days are SO freezing because the weather is "cold!" I say "cold" with parentheses because I know that compared to home it's actually warm…but for here it's cold…and then when you are used to the hot humid, sometimes dry weather…when the weather becomes even just a lil cold, then it's COLD…and so yeah…and there is no hot water…I don't understand why people can't have those water heater thingys…it would make their life so much more easier…and I think it has something to do with living longer I think…jejejeje…at least I know that I will live longer with hot water! I so can't wait until I get home…I will take a LONG shower followed by a HOT bath! J

Well last night I went to my friend Jenny's house and it's a really nice house. Reminded me of home for a moment. Except I would like carpet, she said that she is more of a wooden floor…yeah…I like my carpet…can't do without my carpet…since AT HOME I juss like to lay down where ever I am and do my homework…take a nap…play with Precious and the such…I miss that…here I know that I can't do that…first off I don't have a house here to just lay down anywhere…and second off…it's not carpet it's tile.
OoOoOoO…I miss the hair dryers! I can do with one right now! Juss saying…I HATE it when my hair is wet for a long time and it's cold…yep I hate it. Oh well…I'm going home soon.

What's my next class? Oh yeah…biological science. A fun class…but so far away. I like how it doesn't start until 10:30am…but it sucks that it's raining right now. But oh well…oh! Do you smile in the rain…or do you cry? Do you walk with your head down not looking at anyone in the rain…or do you look at people and smile? I guess it's all in the personality on what you do. Rain can make the day seem so depressing…oh well…I still smile in the rain…you know actually I think that it can be quite healing to dance and sing in the rain. I remember there was this one time in high school where I was SO down and I felt like my world was falling all around me, and no one was there to…blah blah blah…you know that feeling…yeah…this was in NAJA actually…but I actually went outside from class once and my lil friend was there and I gave her a lil concert of singing and dancing in the rain…it was really healing. Oh! I remember when I was so hurt, I use to juss sit outside in the freezing cold Northern California rain and freeze…just like my frozen heart, oy! Diba?! Pinakapoetic ako! J jejejeje….

"…And though you are invisible…I trust the unseen…I cry out with not reply and I can't feel you by my side, so I look inside to what I know, and you're here, and I'm never alone!" Such a happy song….isn't it…Listen to it one day…it's called "Never Alone" by the Barlow Girls.  My sister gave me the song before I left to come here to the Philippines. 

Well, I should get ready for class…make myself all pretty and stuff…jejejeje…J But my hair is still wet! And it's raining! I'm gonna get pneumonia! Cross your fingers I won't! Well, I love you all…and I miss you muchoness!


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