Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Such a wonderful sunshiny day...

Ya-hay!!!! I juss returned to the house from my last day of school for this year of 2006!!! I'm superness excitedness for this coming up new year….TWO THOUSAND SEVEN!!! It's gonna be an exciting year…yep yep yep it is! One year down and THREE MORE TO GO…three sounds less than four…right..well, maybe it's because IT IS! DUH!!! J but yeah, as I was saying I'm one of the lucky few…if you can say lucky. Some people still have classes for the whole day, or even until SUNDAY! But as for me…I had my last class with was Anatomy and Physiology (anaphi) and we got out early. So that is good, and great, and I couldn't be more happier…well I could with a little but more good facts in my life…but I'm content. Yes, that is the word. I have friends who had their last day yesterday…and others who had their last day LAST WEEK! But I'm not complaining…Jyn and Eddie still have an exam this coming up evening…and so I'm happy with where I am.

You know, these last few days I have been getting anonymous text messages from different people who get my number from other people that I don't know. It's kinda freaky…especially when they say that they like you and they enjoy watching me WALK TO CLASS or AROUND CAMPUS! Okay…yes…that would be VERY freaky! Especially since I don't know who the hell they are! So as I am walking around on this humungous campus…there are guys who are WATCHING ME?! Gash…what if I'm picking my nose or picking out a wedgie?! How embarrassing!!! J I have to admit, that it is flattering…but also nerve wrecking at the same time…I got this one guy who told me that when I smiled at him it made his day! WTF!? I smile at EVERYONE…makes me wanna walk with my head down and not look at anyone…I don't wanna lead ANYONE on…and I'm juss a smilie girl…that's juss me…but you know what the cool thing is?! Well, SOME of them give me their name, thinking that I will never know who they are since I have over 5 thousand students in this school not including faculty and visitors that come in on a daily basis…oh and the guards with their UNNECCARY RIFLE GUNS! Sometimes I wonder if they actually ever use those! Oh and the many working people and students…But yeah…so there are so many people on this campus at any given time…but I have a friend who works in the library, and if you go to this school you are required to register your name and a LOT of info about you in the library books…yep…so I have connections! Jejejeje…and I found out who some of them where…at least they don't lie…at least most of them. One of the things that they have to submit is a recent annual picture…so I get to SEE who is following my every move. I'm not the only one who gets these stalking texts, also my other roomie…and so we ask our house maid….she is the one that also works in the library…to check these guys out…and VIOLA!!! There they are…not all, but for me we only found 2 (out of how many?! Uhm…like in the double digits!!!) and for Joy 1…hm…not a good many, but at least I found two. what do I think…I should not judge…but I don't go for younger guys….and one is only 18, and then there is one that is 24…they aren't my types though…but then I don't really know them…but then again, I don't know them, and I can't get to know them…they don't want to really really tell me who they…but I juss think that it's funny…but yeah…that's that.

Yesterday I was superness hyperness…you know how I get when I eat too much…juss a little to much sugar…yeah…I actually did the "bawal" (uhm…something like against the rules) and painted my nails Christmas colors with glitter….so festive I think…jejeje…and beautiful as always…so I think the fumes from the nail polish and the donuts that Eddie brought back as pasalubong for the room was getting to my brain…because I couldn't stop anyting! Talking, laughing, jowking… and my roomie were like that…it was crazy…and then Jyn comes back into the room saying that Eddie was gonna go to Paseo to cut his hair…and me being confined in a small room with my hyperness needed to get out, so me and my roomie Joy went with Eddie to Paseo (the closest town to this out of the boonies school…more like 15 minutes away with CRAZY DRIVING)  So Eddie went to go get his hair cut, and me and Joyness (one of the many names that I gave JoyJ ) walked around. It was crazy…we were talking about what would happen if I ever got drunk…she thinks I will be the more quiet drunk person…and she will be the more crazy drunk since that is the opposite of our attitude…but I never wanna find out…who knows…I might do something terribly embarrassing…so I don't wanna do that. Then when Eddie was finish cutting his hair we went to eat at Chow King…my now 2ndfavorite place to eat. (Since I'm absolutely in LOVE with Sabarro!!!) and I was still pretty hyperness…then we had to get back to school since Eddie had to be back at 9:pm…we had left at around like 7:pm…so only two hours…but at least I got my fresh air…and when I got back to the room I was dead….literally! It was only 10:pm when I felt like I had no energy…and I told Jyn to wake me up in 30 minutes…because WHO GOES TO SLEEP AT TEN?! So I was only gonna take a short nap…but then I wake up at 1:am…and I was like JYN?! YOU DIDN'T WAKE ME UP! And she said that I was actually being quiet for once and that I looked really tired so she left me…jejeje…I love my roomie…I really do!

You see my new picture up…yes…me and jynjyn…I need a picture with my other favorite roomie Joy...but yeah...this is a pic of me and jyn in front of the AUP sign...yeah...if ever you want to come visit me...go pass paseo down the LONG road...and you know that you've come to AUP with you see that sign behind us...:) the person that you couldn't see is eddie...he was the one who took that picture...jejeje...we love to take and eddie the good sport that he is will take the many pictures that we's so fun...

aww...our house juss had some guest come from the visit our guardians...and there were these adorable lil girls who were wearing the disney princess i ended up looking online for disney pictures to show them...they are 3 and 5 and then their lil sister is juss cute girls...i miss "my" lil babies at much...i hope they know that... is a beautiful's hard to imagine it being this beautiful on a december day...but it is...:) the sun is out...but it's not too hot...and the flies aren't even flying all over the place...and there are no misquitoes...such a nice day! another day to go to the perfect to listen to the waves crash and and lay there warm on the towel soaking the sun in juss being with friends...such wishfull thinking! jejeje....but that's what it is like today...

aww...i'm signed onto as well, and my brother e-mailed me...i miss him so much...he was telling me about the masquerade thingy...i wish that i could have gone..i love to dance...and i think that it would have been fun to dance for 4 hours straight...i know that it's a different kind of dancing from maybe what i'm used too...but couldn't be ThAT hard...right?! but i'm glad that he had a lot of fun...i think that we should have another one of those things when i go opinion...whatcha you think...masquerade bobbers are sooo fun...jejeje..i think so at least. :) i wanna learn how to line dance...ballroom dance...salsa dance (again)...all those kind of dancing...swing dancing...that would be so supper! :)

well, this is sorta getting long i think that i will go...but i miss you all so much...and i hope that each one of you has a happy christmas and merry new year!!! *mwuah*

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