Monday, December 18, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah...and so forth

Okay…my last blog sucked….I shouldn't post it, but I don't really care, I'm gonna post it anyways…but yeah, my lil cousin Ivy came here and wanted to look at my powerpoint that I was making. So I guess I'll tell you about that one…yeah, for my General Psychology class I have to make a powerpoint scrapbook OF MY LIFE! She said that she doesn't care if it's long, but she doesn't want us to make it too long….so yeah, it's what it sounds like…it's a scrapbook that I have to put together from when I was born to whatever day I finish it. She wants as much detail in our life as possible…as many memories that we think is relevant in my life and all that kind of stuff…she said that there doesn't need to be pictures…but then since there are quite a few foreigners in my class, she said that they are really necessary… but they would be nice…she wants clip arts and all that fun stuff too…and she wants us to make it look really nice and everything…so I have a favor to ask of you people…I think that I MIGHT put up a bulletin about this too…but uhm…can you, my friends and family, please write a lil something for me to add in the powerpoint…about me growing up in your point of view, a favorite memory that you had of me, something like that…feel free to send me pictures if you want…I'll copy them and add them to the powerpoint as well…feel free to give much information that you think would help me in the my project. That would help me muchoness…so thanks in advance for all your help!!!

But yeah…and then, what else happened today? Well guess what movie that I saw…it's been a while since I've seen it…but then, yes, I saw my most favorite movie in the world…The Little Mermaid. I know it's such a kiddie move…but I think that movie and anything to do with The Little Mermaid or mermaids are more like my "security blanket" in life. If ever I feel sad or homesick, I listen to "Part Of Your World"…and then I'm not as homesick or sad…But the last time that I was here I had bought myself that DVD THREE times, and each time the movies was either stolen or I gave it away…in this case…I gave the movie to my lil cousin, Ivy, kasi she really liked the movie…can you believe that I even gave her my pillow! My little mermaid pillow that I've always had…that's why if those of you who went into my room, I didn't have my lil mermaid pillow…but a silk one now…but I still remember that mermaid pillow…but yeah, Ivy wanted to watch the movie, and so I watched it…it was pretty cute…because I was laying on my stomach watching the movie, and she was laying on my back…and it SO reminded me or Rosemarie…I remember she use to like laying on my back or stepping on my back…gosh, I miss that girl SO much! But yeah…we watched the movie…

I juss did a system repair on my laptop, kasi my lil cousin's and her cousins wanted to play a game on my laptop, and so I let them, and then they did something that made my widescreen laptop function really weird like…you could only see the screen in the middle…but not around it…and it was really tiny…and I freaked out and I couldn't figure out what to do…I tried to text my cousin, but he hasn't answered it, and so I tried calling but I think he might be talking on the phone with his girlfriend…so it's okay…I did a system repair/restore thingy, and so everything is okay…at least I hope so.

Okay, I'm really trying to keep a open mind about staying here…but I've been SO bored! I don't think that there is really nothing to do! I know that being bored is all in the mind…and so I have been trying to find things to do…but there really isn't anything to do here!!! I don't know what there is to do! I've tried everything already! I actually want chocolate right now. But then I have none, so there's nothing that I can do about that. But I really am trying to figure out what to do, but it's sorta hard, because there isn't nothing to do! But I'm still keeping my mind open. All the older ones are still in school, or they are working…and then the little ones are here…and I play with them…but then they still have naptime, and there are times where they juss don't wanna do anything but sit and watch TV…and I don't feel like doing that. Oh well…

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm gonna miss it…I'm so sad….but I hope that she has a wonderful birthday…I'm gonna try to call her. So that's cool…I'm gonna call her tomorrow. So yeah…I really miss home SO MUCH! I wonder if someone from home is trying to call me, because so far for the past two nights, someone has been miss calling me…and it's a state number…but it shows up as no number…or  +000000….which is another way to say no number…so I don't know who it is…but I sure would like to know…I wanna talk to someone from home…I miss home a lot.

Well, I think that I'm gonna go now. Miss you all so much…hope that you are having fun Christmas shopping. I miss you.

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