Sunday, November 26, 2006

Long Day.

Is it really only monday? it seems like monday's and wednesday's seem to go on forever...especially my last class. I'm so glad that i have my friend Jenny in my last class...why does all the teachers know MY name?! My Kuya Creed said that the balikbayans have a way of getting around...even if you don't want try not to stick out...oh well...and life continues to go on and on...
It really sucks...because there was suppse to be a holiday this coming up Thursday...i think a bonifacio or another day...but then the president Mrs. Gloria something-something switched it to friday...and we normally get friday's off anyways...i heard that the teachers were all getting mad at the president here because she can change the days if she wants. they say that they teach us "children" that there is a special day for special things and people and VIOLA...the president changes the i guess i understand where they are going from...i still have a hard time believeing that there isn't day light's savings time here because the president doesn't want one. wow...and people think that i'm spoild.

A lot of my friends are going home for chirstmas...i don't know whether to be sad that i'm not going home, or happy because i get to spend christmas in another country. They celebrate their holiday's differently here. First of all, they do have christmas spirit, like if you go into the million of malls here...there is christmas decoration...but barely...there isn't any christmas lights up either. And i really liked that about christmas...the christmas lights...they are so pretty to look at...all the houses that really go all out and it's so beautiful. over here they don't do that. But they do have fireworks...and that's pretty awesome.

I'm so hair is getting a lot longer now. FINALLY! yah...i don't think i like myself with short hair..i think i'll keep it long for now on...and i dont' think that i will dye it again. i mean, it was fun while it was happening...but i thnk i'll go back to be an all natural girl...i love how i don't have split ends here though...there are advantages to being here in this humid tropical place.
There is a cat here, Toby, at least that is what i named him...and it's twin Koby...jejejeje. :) but it's on this chair thingy that falls through easily...and it was giving itself a bath and almost had a funny look on it's face...but i think i would be scared too.

well, tommorow is my best friends birthday...and i'm so bumed that i can't be there...i hope that she has a good birthday...and all of you who know who i am talking about...give her a BIG hug for es, if you are reading this...HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!
So Pre-lims are next week is going fast...which is a good thing...i like school...i like school...i like school...i wonder how many times i have to say that until i convince myself that i actually like schoool....maybe if i was doing something that i liked it wouldn't be that hard to do...but oh well...

well, this is a blog full of nothingness at the moment...oh...i sorta need help...i have to write a term paper...for my communication arts II class...does anyone out there have an idea what i can do it on? perferably something about kids...but it doesn't have to be...but is there any suggestions? i really would appreciate it.

well, i guess i will go now...goodbye...

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