Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm so craving Jamba Juice right now! read right...i really wanna go to jamba juice! i asked my friend Chris, who is lucky enough to be going home for christmas break what is the first things that she is gonna do when she goes home...seems like we have something in common...i wanna go to jamba does she. the only difference is that she gets to go home this christmas, and i have to wait until march to have my razzmatazz with energy boost! jejejeje...i know...a lot of people are always asking me why i need to have some more energy...but iono...i like makes it taste better...and you know...yeah...

well, i went out to ATC (Alabang Town Center) with Chris and that was fun...then we went to Festival...and we actually came home early because we were so tired...but it was raining like what when we got back on campus. yep...i figured out the weather sorta...when it gets really hot...the next day it will rain. and so since yesterday was so hot, it rained today...but we had forgotten to bring umbrella's so yeah...we were soaked...AND i was wearing white...and i was wearing imagine that! my pants so litterally STUCK on me and my top was see-through, but's okay...i wasn't the only one who was drench...and so that is the weather of the great philippines.

I wish so badly that i could be going home for christmas...but since i'm not, i can't dwell on the idea that it'll be awhile until i get to go home for the holidays...i don't really know what i'll be doing for christmas...i've gotten a few offers as to what to do...but i don't know. i know that i'll miss the christmas sale...oh especially the thanksgiving sale....! we don't have thanksgiving here so that sucks...oh well...we have intrumerals...(however you spell that word) and so we get a week off still..something to do with sports.
well, since the new semester has started, i have made a lot more friends...some people even from PUC...some who's dream school IS PUC....some who are juss balikbayan...some from africa...some from new york some from europe...juss from all over...this new semester isn't gonna be the greatest...but i think i'll live!

you remember those nights were we will juss go to someone's house and juss chill for the heck of it...juss to hang out...and play games and to have a crazy fun time. well yeah...jynjyn and eddie were missing that, so they planned one at eddie's house. well the house that he was staying was so much fun. we didn't have much games to play...but we ended up playing Tabu like forever! it was so much fun! it was guys against girls...guess who won?! got it girls! yep! yep! it was superness funness! it brought me home for juss a moment. it was a little harder though, because i didnt' ahve all those inside jokes and past to help me with the words...but us girls still made it through...but i think that owner of the house thinks that we were a little loud...whoops! :) maybe next time we can find another house...maybe at the house that i'm staying at now. sucks though that we have a 10:pm curfew...otherwise i know that we could last forever...yeah..i miss those times.

well, right now, i'm sitting outside...and it's pretty outside. it's night time even though i know the time doesn't say that it's night time really...this myspace is on US time i guess...and i'm too lazy to change rained, but the skies are clear now...and the stars are bright...i'm in my pj pants and my hoodie sweater and my house maids keep coming out here saying that i look so cute and serious sitting here consentrating on what i'm doing with my hood up and my laptop on my lap least the misquitoes aren't out.
you while i was ATC i was waiting outside the store for Chris when this little baby grabbed my leg in time to not fall down. He was i think not even one year old yet...or was juss near one...because it was the little baby drunk walk that they do when they are juss learning to walk...and i really missed holding a baby that i bent down and picked the baby up, and it lay his head on my was love at first sight! i didn't see the mom or dad around anywhere! but then all of a sudden i hear this couple like franctically looking for their baby...and i went up to them with their baby...they were all like, "thank you! thank you! thank you!" my goodness! how do you do that?! leave you baby alone! my gosh! i was shocked...but the baby was okay...gosh i want to be with babies again...all the babies that i knew at home will be so big now when i go home...*sigh*...i guess that's what i get for going home.
damn...the stars are really beautiful...i'm remembering past days...i hate thinking of "what if's" but you know sometimes you can't help yourself...but yeah...

you know...when i go home, i need to look for a really awesome costume to bring back here! the holloween parties are the craziest here! i'm so swear!! and next year i wanna go again and really dress up, but it's hard to find cool costumes here so i have to look for one at help me okay...if you have any suggestions or something...its gonna be crazy!!! :)

you know what? i want a pet here...little jr. died. my kitty...i was SO sad for awhile....but i'm surviving. but i want a pet to love here...i think having a snake would be so cool...but my guardians forbade something else will have to do. i'm thinking of a puppy...that would be awesome...but it can't come in the house...and i would want it too. i miss having a pet. i do have cats here that i like...but they aren't my cats they are kuya jett's cat's but he shares the one that call "mamaz" is here...with me juss sitting with me. i miss precious...and baili...*sigh*

well, i besta go no...i went online to do some research...and i'm done with that i think i will go inside, i'm feeling sad and cold out here...i wanna go inside my room and have fun with my's great to have great roomies! :)

*hugs and kiss.....*

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