Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hello...I want some strawberry lemonade please.

I am so bored out of my mind! I'm trying to do something to keep me out of this boring phase of my day. I went to sleep very late last night, and I woke up very early this morning. And there is nothing to do! My room mates are still sleeping. They always sleep in if they don't have anything to do. I already woke up, and help my housemaid cook food…well, I juss helped make Taron…that stuff is the best! By the way….jejejejeje…I would have watched TV, but the TV here is weird…like you would be watching then all of a sudden it goes crazy on you. I went outside and talked to random people who passed by…I already ate my lunch…tried to go back to sleep…but now, I'm just here sitting in front of my laptop writing this blog. Letting you all know how bored I am. But you know what? I think being bored is a mind thing. Just like being happy. Maybe if I don't think that I'm bored, then I won't be bored. I'm not bored.

You know last week, I was in Manila for more than half the week, and I was suppose to go there again last weekend…but then I had to be back in AUP early in the morning…and it takes at least 2 ½ hours to get back to AUP…public transportation is FOREVER here! They don't have bus stops, or jeepney stops…you juss gotta WAIT for one to come by, and then you juss have to cross your fingers it's the one that you need. Sometimes if I want to go to say this mall called Festival in Alabang, it's suppose to only take 20-30 minutes to get there, but then, I'm lucky if I can get there in a hour and a half. More than half the time I am waiting for a jeepney or a FX to fill up. My gosh!

But anyways, as I was saying,  Last Monday I went to Manila with Jyn and Eddie. You see, me and Eddie needed to get our I-cards, which is the Philippines version of a green card. And at first we were planning to go on Tuesday, but we didn't know that it was gonna be a national holiday so everything was gonna be closed including the immigration place. So on Monday around 1:pm when we found out that it was gonna be closed that next day, we went to Manila. They said that immigration closed at 5:pm.  We got there at 4:30pm enough time to start our I-card process, right…nope…whoever told us that Immigration closed at 5:pm was wrong…it closed at four! So sucks for me, since I juss lost day to register my classes. It takes at LEAST two weeks to register for the next semester, trust me…a big pain! So we juss went to the mall there in Manila and hung out.

Come Wednesday, I had to go to Mall of Asia to sing. Yeah, that was fun, it was amazing…would I do it again, I don't know…but it was an awesome experience…and so Wednesday since we were there we stayed over in the Legend Condo's—the condo's that we always stay at when we stay the weekend in Manila. (I love the place…they ask you no questions of what you do J) And the next day Thursday me and Eddie worked on our I-cards. Jyn and Joy were always with us, since they came to see my "debut as a singer" as they like to put it. J My cousin here, said that doing the I-card was gonna take about uhm ONE HOUR! So why were we there from 8 in the morning to when it was closing time, and BEYOND! Uhm…closing time…4:pm…we stayed longer since…jejeje…I'm about to get to you about that one. J

Anyways, our I-cards (which took about five million years just to SIGN UP FOR ONE!) was so crazy to get! When we went to the immigration place to get it, they said that we didn't have the necessary papers to get one! And I was like WHAT?! Yes, we did! I know we did! The school said that photocopies of our student visa were okay, and our passports…and my cousin had gotten hers with only that stuff…so I don't know what the hell they were talking about. Anyways…you know…I changed my mind. I don't wanna tell you HOW we got the i-cards…that's gonna be a really long story, and I would rather tell it in person. It's funny, amusing, and flattering. Jejejeje…so juss remember to ask me HOW we did it. J Anyways, Eddie and I need to go back to actually pick up our I-cards in a few weeks…we'll see how that goes. J

You know how I'm on SemBreak right now? Well, in the beginning of my sembreak, I actually went to go to this highschool and did an evangelistic meeting….that is a story of itself, and I would be willing to tell you all about it, but there's juss so much that happened…so many stories…I'll juss have to tell you when you asked. Just ask me about CLAA in Pampanga. I'll remember, I can't forget. Anyways…I juss wanna share with you this one awesome time that I had there. There were only a few of us that went. Me and my friend Chris (Christine) were the only girls, and there were three other guys. Anyways, on the last night there, my friend Erold was playing the guitar…HE IS GOOD! HE IS AWESOME! I WANT YOU TO HEAR HIM!...that guy can play anything, I'm so swear, and he's so modest about it too. I asked him to play "Love and Honesty" (my favorite Hawaiian song) he didn't know it, but he asked me to sing it, and I did, and he played it…he's great. But anyways, my last night there in CLAA, the place is the perfect place to go star gazing…so me and my friend Chris were star gazing, looking for shooting stars to wish on, and Erold was playing the guitar. It was so perfect. I wish that you all could have been there. Chris is from San Diego, we were both missing home…the night was quiet except for Erold playing his guitar, and me and Chris were juss sitting on the balcony thingy juss looking up. If only I can describe the feeling…I missed home so much, but I knew that I wasn't (completely J) forgotten.

You know, I miss that. Star gazing. You know in AUP, the stars are amazing and you can really see it. The only problem is, this place is like a prison. Curfew is at 10:pm…and you aren't allowed to be walking around campus for no reason when it's dark…and it gets dark here at 6:pm. There are guards with guns…and I'm sure as hell know that if you told a guard that you were star gazing, they would take you in for questioning at head quarters! Naw…juss playing…but it is pretty strict here. The guards have guns! Im swear!

I will go now.  

(Happy Birthday Manang!)