Saturday, November 25, 2006

Give me a reason.

My ass hurts....i'm sitting outside on the ground talking to family, and so i don't wanna go in now. i have one pj shorts, basketball shorts and the pajama pants...and i have on a jacket, and tehre are these two cats that are sleeping on my legs...but surprisingly enough, i'm not hot feeling. i like this cool feeling...except that my ass is sooo painful right now..:)
can you believe that it's 11:44pm right now, almost midnight...and it's 7:44am in the states. i haven't been on this late in a long time. i remember i use to stay on forever! but now, i practice for now, i don't feel like practicing self-control, and it's not like i stay on for millions of years now!

oh...juss so that you can all know...i finally have AIM on this if you have aim...feel free to talk to XxMysticPinayxX...i miss you all, and if you ever see me on...please talk to me. :)

well yesterday i went to manila to go to church. there is this church called the victory church and it is a born-again christian church, and there are a million of them...and i love going reminds me of home...the speakers and the songs and the service adn there are so many nice people there taht remember you and accept you for who you are. i brought jyn and eddie with me...actually it was my small group that went there,and so we all hung out there...then i met my friends in manila and juss yeah. :)

you know what was so sad? i had totally forgetten that it was thanksgiving?! can you imagine that. i mean i knew that it was coming...i always looked at my calander...and thought that the 4th thursday on the month was thanxgiving...but on that particual day...i had sad...and i was hanging out with some American boys that day too...and i was even with eddie and we had forgotten...and then early that morning the next brother texts me happy thanxgiving and stuff...and that's when i remembered! how sad..i missed out on turkey and gravy and other wonderful food!!! aww...i tink i'm gonna have my own little thanksgiving dinner when i get home in march...hey, it's never too late to be thankful. :) or eary...whichever way you see it. :)

right now my roomie's are watching tv and i'm juss out roommates are really a late sleepers, especially jynjyn...that girl would have class at 7 and she would stay up until like 5: in the morning juss watching tv! she is crazy...i remember when i would do that my first year in college...staying up late, waking up barely in time for class...the difference is in PUC, you weren't really always required to go to it's like sin not to go to class...literally...its a #1 sin... ass is really in pain right now...

well i better go now...miss you all so much KIT!

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