Monday, November 13, 2006


can you believe that i actually like my anaphi class. that would be anatomy and physiology class! the teacher is really awesome. but i don't wanna take lap. you know that you have to KILL a cat...and they prefer a baby kitten..yeah..i don't wanna do that. so i'm gonna ask puc to send my lap grade here so that i don't have to do that again. plus we actually had lap with a REAL cadaver...not this fake stuff...i can't go through that again. but yeah, the lectures are actually really fun. and i'm taking gen-pych again. i really like that class too.
right now i have "mamaz" and "toby" snuggled on either side of me...and it's pretty hot and their boby heat is hot...but it makes me miss it's all the way that would be the cats that are here. mamaz was jr.'s mom...but jr. is now sad i know.
i can tell that up in the sky it's pretty windy that coulds are moving pretty fast...aww...cute! there are baby chickes here! the chickens here juss roam around free, and they are so anoying in the morning when they cluck and juss make so much noise...kuya jett (the son of my guardians) said that there was once a guy who use to stay in our room, and he would be so anoyed with the chickens in the morning that he bought a pellet gun, and would shoot at them in the morning.  hm...maybe i'll get myself one...jejeje...they are cheap here...jejeje...
you know there are so manythins that i wanna do here, it feel like i don't have enough time to do it all! my goodness...and i'm here for four years...that says something huh?! i guess it's hard because of school and a lot of things is usually on a school night...but it's easier to do things this year since i'm in faculty houseing ...than it is in the dorm. now that was many of my friends though are litterally begging me to be in teh dorms again...but i'm so sorry there is NOTHING that can get me back into the dorms. it was complete hell! and it was like i had no freedom and no personal space. i still don't have as much freedom as i want, but it's a lot more better here in the faculty houseing and my roomies get me personal space if i need it.
well, i'm getting sleey and i have class in about 3 hours, i think i'm gonna take a nap...miss you all so much!

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