Sunday, September 17, 2006

I miss you.

I don't know how i have time to say all i have to say...lets see...bullets...lets try that...:) juss something new you know!

1) PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!! The three little kitties that were born in our "garage" are only a few weeks old and the mommy i've been busting my ass to feed them as much as i can...they are weak and i really have to force them to eat! i'm so sad...i love them so know me, i get attached to easily! Pray that they live. If they die, im so swear a part of me will joke...i love to easily...Eddie's been a great help...he comes to help me as much as he can...when he's not at the clinic (his girlfriend is there)

2) Denge or was it Dange...i think it was's sorta like malaria, it spreads through the misquitoe and we all know how common those pests are here! but it's going around! Jyn, eddies' girlfriend was admitted in the clinic because she was having a fever of 40 C degree's! oh okay...i know i read fairinghight...whoa...HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD...but according to my phone...jejeje...unit converstion...that would be 104 degrees...not that is CRAZY!!! get this its SO hot outside, but she is shivering like there is no tommarow! :) but a few of my friends were admited...actually at 5:30 i'm gonna go to the clinic to visit them...pray that I don't get it!

3)'s killing me...i have TWO take home TESTS in one day....and i'm suppose to be trying to figure all this out...but i don't understand any of it! i don't care for chemistry in the first place!!! pray that i passed...( oh hey...i'm doing good in physics...that's always good!)

4) does anyone have yahoo messenger? please add's aziangirl_pinay...i've tried to go on MSN...but then for some reason the philippines don't really believe in it...and AIM is out of the question...please i wanna talk to some of you...i miss you!!!

5) don't they all say that if you do something different with your hair then your ready for new change...well, we all know that my sister (and friend) cut my hair last christmas the shortest it has been since who knows when...but last night me and my other room mate that isn't in the hospitol, Joy, were SO bored...we dyed my hair! jejeje...oh my gosh...chemicals i che's hair i know..but it's cut...well, i take that back, i sorta dyed's streaked with burgandy and red colors...jejeje...i like it....But i'm still planning to grow my hair out and leave it LONG!!! :) jejeje...that's for sure!

6) my gosh...i need to go!....and i thought time was so slow...but really in's not slow or fast it's juss consistent!!! but i sorta need to go..i love you all so much, and i miss you LOTS!!! thanks for your prayers, and love....and PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME!!!
hugs and kiss....

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