Sunday, August 20, 2006

Screaming girls at 3 in the morning!

okay...juss humor for a moment okay...look at your see how big that is...yeah...okay, now look at your middle finger from the tip of if to the middle of your got that...?! okay, i know that they may be different sizes from each other...but i'm going by MY may be a little smaller than your's...but juss humor me..okay?! now the size of your hand...picture that as a BIG HAIRY SPIDER, BROWN AND HUGE!...and the tip of your middle finger to your middle of your palm...yeah...that would be the size of a cockroach! i'm sooo not exagerating! juss ask the other girls in my room! okay..and what were we doing at 3 in the morning...jejeje...should i tell you?! nah...maybe when i come home...but yeah...3 in the morning with those insects in my room...oh...and there was also a LITTLE bit SMALLER spider then the huge one ON MY BEd!!! and the cockroach was FLYING! did you even KNOW THOSE dAMN THINGS FLY!?! but yes...they DO fly! so there we were, in our pj's...standing on my roomies bed in the corner of the room with pillows as our only protection...covering our mouths...trying so hard not to scream as the spiders are crawling all over the room on the walls on the bed and the cockroah FLYING!!! i swear i was gonna die! but look at me...i'm still alive and welll...and i got myself a funny's one of those stories that you have to cry and scream and feel like your dying while it's happeneing and laugh at it took us an HOUR to finnaly get the guts to do goodness...we slept in. yep we did...or wait...did we EVEN SLEEP! my gosh!

i have been having so much fun here! juss on friday i went with Eddie to Manila to get my quarinteen for my student visa...i'm a illegal alien here! my goodness! ejeje...then we went to this AWESOME MALL Glorietta Mall...and it's the best...had some Chow King...had guys stalk me...asking me if Eddie was my boyfriend...I THINK NOT!...and juss trying to HOLD MY HAND! my gosh...should i be flattered or what! i dont' know what it is...i try not to act different from other filippino's...and i'm pretty good at it too...most of the times, you can't tell i'm a foreigner, then i speak Tagalog, and i have an am-accent...oh well...but you know those camera phones?! yeah..those are's like my own little swear! and there's nothing i can do about it! oh gosh...i feel so vain for saying all that! okay...change of subjects...!

I joined a group called CrossRoads...and who should be in the group but my EX CRUSH! but seriously i did NOT join kasi of him...i didn't even know that he was in the group/club...everyone thinks that i'm a leader here...raise your hand if you think if i'm a leader...yep, that's what i thought...i'm more of a dependent person...jejeje...but anyways...this group/club is like a leader club chuvaness....(my new word Chuva...get over it!! jejeje) i'm really shy...i can talk the language...but my am-accent is so strong! it's so obvious i'm english speaking! oh well...we go on a lot of road trips! so much fun...but we also spreak the word of God...that is A LOT of fun! The last place we went was to Quezon...dont''s in the philippines...that's all i know...:) and that was an adventure...we had to sleep on CEMENT FLOORS! there were 13 of us! and only 3 blankets...mine was of the guys was like saying that he couldn't sleep on the cement so we took down ping-pong tables and placed them on the ground and slept on them...believe it or not, with the right was an much fun...i couldn't go to sleep we were laughing so much! and the next day early in the morning we had to teach seperate classes...!!!:) can i possibly tell all what i want at this moment! should i try, or juss try to be mysterious and tell you only part....jejeje...okay i'll be annoying and juss tell you the rest at home!!! jajajaja!!!! :)

well, let me juss take the time to thank those of you who comment my's nice to know that people read these babbling of mine. :)

OH MY GOSH! i love manila...they have a boardwalk's great...and at night! oh gosh...i'm still good. im swear! :) friends are waiting for me to finish i best be one my way. I miss you all friends and family at home...if everyone can do me a favor...can you PLEASE tell my brother to contact me...i think he forget...and my heart is torn to pieces juss thinking of thanx :) maybe you can jog him memory that he has a sister far away that misses him. thanx. :)

hugs and kisses to EVERYONE...that includes you my dear Es. :)

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