Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NINE and counting...

Nine more days...and sadly counting...i never learn huh?! i HATE goodbyes! i hate them SO much..i had to say good-bye to a few of my most cherished friends...and OH how my heart hurt bad. yes...i cry...and i'm not ashamed...well...i do get embarrassed, but not really...i hate saying goodbye...it seems like i've been saying bye to a lot of people lately. goodbyes...damn...when will the day come when i don't ever have to say goodbye again?!

yesterday after work i said goodbye to my friend that helped me through school. i try not to mention names on this blog thingy...but MAY...i think you deserved to be known...i don't think any of my other friends now her anyways...but may is truely a God sent friend. When all my friends were gone and were going to different schools or weren't in touch with me, i met May...and it was hard to say bye. She gave me something that i will ALWAYS keep...she's an awesome friend.

my kuya and other cousin are gone now. i'm gonna see my cousin soon, but as for my kuya, i won't be seeing him anytime soon. im gonna miss him crazy.

now my niece, my "babylove" now she is one person that i'm gonna have a hard time saying "bye" too. saying goodbye to all my friends and family are always hard...but i know that you all sorta understand why i have to get away from here...but my niece she doesn't...all she knows is that everyone she loves is leaving her. i love her SO much...more than SO much...more than i can even explain, and i'm gonna get on the damn airplane and leave her...sometimes i odnt' understand myself...but i need to get away from here.

this is my last week working...and i wish that i didn't get attached to kids and people easily. i think that is one of my faults...i am so attached to "my" kids...that today as my kids where leaving and hugging me before they left...i almost broke down. They know i'm leaving...we have to tell them ahead of time, kasi if you dont' know already...kids HATE change...so we have to prepare them ahead of time. me AND the other teacher is leaving ...she's moving to Texas...so we have to prepare them that both their teachers are leaving...and it's hard...every time they leave now they hug us...all day long they are wanting us to see something "one last time." oh, it's so hard...my "babies" are gonna grow up and forget me...but it feels good to know that i did make a difference in their life, and even if they forget me, i'll never forget them...

what a depressing blog...!!! well thanx too all of you who came to my house for the AY/good-bye party for kuya and "ading"....i had a lot of fun...guess what?! i also lost my voice sorta...yeah, yeah, yeah...i know i talk to much...but J***** i DIDN"T LIE!!! jejeje...you know who you are...and one day you're gonna miss my teasing! the back rub was great though! :)
oh and one other thing...GIRLS DON'T CHEAT!!!...at least the girls i know..:)

much love to everyone...*hugs and kisses*

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