Friday, May 19, 2006


Less than a week, am i ready? sometimes, i dont' know if i'm making the right decision. i'm so know how they say when someone gets married, they get "cold feet" are they doing the right thing?! type of dealio...well, this is a major thing in my life, and am i doing the right thing?! what if it isn't? i'm scared...five years is a long time to be away from my life! philippines is different, really different, and i love the place...but no one understands...and no one will understand why i have to go! but that is not what i'm talking about right now...right now i'm talking about how

my heart is breaking. i'm a sucker when it comes to goodbye...and i can't do it. i make friends and it seems like i'm always saying goodbye to them! am i running away, or am i going away? is there a difference? i need to get away...but is it for the right reasons? i dont' wanna do why am i do it? is it the last thing? im being i happy, what am i talking about...i'm going now.

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