Friday, April 21, 2006

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

I should be getting ready for work...but then i still have 45 minutes...and i already fixed my hair, put my make up on...i juss gotta figure out what to wear...which i don't really have a problem since we have to wear a "smock" anyways...but WOW oh WOW...i do love kids...i have to work at the community center today with the 18 months to 3 year olds... and they are SO much funnesss!!! jejeje

but ANYWAYS...i'm so excited! i finally got my ticket...but then my sister called me EARLY this morning to tell me that i should CHANGE IT...what do you think? my flight is on the 26th of May at ONE IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!! thats' okay, i'll prolly be TOO excited to go to sleep! damn, and i act like i've never been to the philippines before...but then, i really do want my sister to make it home kasi i won't be seeing her for awhile. So i'll see what i can do about that.

I'll also be leaving TODAY to go see my sister. I'm so bummed that it's such a short notice that i'll be going to my sister's house, i'm so excited for her...she has her OWN house...that is a weird thought...i dont' know why, it juss is. I wanted to get an earlier flight, but it turns out it'll be at 8:35pm, but that's cool...night has life as well...jejeje...southern CA here i come!!! i so can't wait!

I really REALLY can't wait to be going to the philippines though! i miss my friends there SO much...but to tell you the kinda surprised that i'll even be going! it's SO last minute...and it sorta reminds me of the last time i went...i'll be going STRAIGHT to the airport, if i keep my ticket, right after my last final. Since my class ends at 9:45pm takes about 15 minutes to get home, and we have to be in the airport a few hours ahead of HOPEFULLY it will only take an hour to get to frisco...i dont' think there will be that much traffice really.

I'm trying to remember the things that i should be taking with me. Last time i took to much stuff that i didn't really need. This time i have some thought of the stuff that i should be taking with me. but do any of YOU have any help with me here?! what things do i need to bring with me to the philippines?! other than the usual...clothes. Jejeje...and of course PICTURES! not that i'll forget any of you...but i do get homesick when i'm away from home. and it would be nice to "see" my friends and family don't shy away when you see me comeing with my camera! :)

Oh! Before i forget...GUESS WHO'S BIRTHDAY IT IS!!!'s my kuya Stephen's birthday!!!! i wish that i could see him for his seems as if we are always away from each other when his birthday comes mine...i think last year was the first time in a couple years that i was home for my birthday...this year and the next couple years i'll be gone for my birthday...that's a depressing thought! oh well...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY kuya!!! jejeje...

well, i really should be going now, and try to figure out what i should wear...damn...and i juss cleaned my's gonna be a mess again..oh well...well, i love you all my friends! *muah*

There are no good-byes, where ever we are, you'll always be in my heart
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