Wednesday, April 12, 2006

my "goodbyes" aren't forever.

Choices are so hard to make when you don't really know the outcome, diba?! it's so hard, so i chose this choice, or that one? what will happen if i chose this choice instead. I guess that is where you juss gotta suck it up and do something about it right?! i mean, if you don't do anything at all, then that still is a choice, right. i mean i think it is. but i think that this is something that i can't juss sit back and juss let whatever happen now. i want to do something about it. and i am going to.

I juss want to apologize first to everyone because i think i was going to do that wrong thing and juss disappear. But then when i thought about it and thought that if any of my friends juss up and left and disappeared, then i'd be SO sad.

I know a lot of you all know that i hate goodbyes, and that is that reason why i juss wanted to leave without saying goodbye. but then i would be so devestated if something happened and i didn't get to say goodbye...and all that good i'm still not saying good-bye, more of a see you later, okay.

I'm prolly juss making a big deal about nothing anyways...and you all are prolly juss gonna think least i hope not, but oh well, i'm not a mind reader so i'll never know.

but i'll be leaving next month, i'll be back someday. but i love you all, and know that i'll ALWAYS be thinking of you all. but hey...i'm still here for a month...lets make some memories, okay?! i wanna...take a lot of pictures, have a lotta laughs, make a million memories, and HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

and don't know me, i will always keep in touch...and you know it. you write me, i'll write you...and hey...i'll even call...or text...jejeje...but i juss wanted all of you to know. but dont' worry, i'll also tell you face to face if i see you. i LOVE you!!! :)
oh, and i swear on everything that i love that i didn't know myself that i was going to be gone for long, actually, i've only known for less than a week, to be exact last thursday was when i made my decision. yep yep yep! and i am SO excited!!!

and you know me, my goodbyes are NEVER forever...