Wednesday, April 5, 2006


There is absolutely NO reason why I am writing in this blog at this moment in time. No reason. Well, I take that back, there is a reason. I feel like it. And YES, that is a good reason. A few things are running in my mind right now, like i miss my sister so much that my heart is know that it's her birthday on the ninth of this month?! juss letting everyone know that...

life is short. life is too short to do what you want, much less what others want from you. I hate it. i juss had a conversation with someone, whom i love with all my heart...but i dont' understand him OR her. i really dont. people are people, right? you are your own why to they assume they can MAKE people who they are. it's NOT fair. they get their own life, and we want our own life. . i dont' wanna live a life that someone wants me to life. my sister doesn't wanna live a life that someone wants her to be. do you get what i'm saying?! we are our own self! we get to make our own choices. we get to chose where we wanna go in life. so why does that disappoint other people? why can't people juss love me for who i am, i'm sorry that i can't be what everyone wants me to be. maybe one day they will know that if i'm gone they will miss me...the me who i am. not the me who they are making me to be. but me. that doesn't make any sense does it. oh well...juss frustrated. veryness. i love my sister.

i can't wait for my school spring break! it's next week! i need it or what?! i'm kinda bummed out that it's different from my work spring break which i had last week...but that's least i still have spring break, there's places that don't have spring break, like that philippines. they have summer break. their seasons are SO different there. they have not autumn or spring or even summer or winter in that case! they have the wet season and the dry season! that's weird. but not really weird.

you know in class, my teacher said this quote, "normal is only a setting on the washing machine." and i think that's true. What is the real meaning of normal? to every persoon it's different. you know what?! there is so many words that are like that. like can ask to different people and you will get two differen response. normal is weird, and weird is normal...that is my definition, but then can't really use a word to describe a word, diba? oh's hard!

well...imma go now.

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