Friday, February 3, 2006

confused emotions. know there are those times where you juss feel SAD...and you don't even know WHY...or if there is even a REASON to even BE sad?! well, there are a lot of reason to be sad...but why?! i mean, i know why...but why?! okay, i'm not making any sense...anymore!!! i feel sad for some reason...okay...let me make a list of why i should be happy...well, i am happy, something is hurting my heart right now though, and i don't know why...

i have friends
my best friend is coming home this weekend
my friends are coming in october (maybe)
the weekend is FINALLY here
I get to play with babies later on
my sister is gonna be coming home again
my sister bought a house!!!!!
none of my pillows/blankets/stuff animals OR me...fell off my bed this morning...jejeje
i had applesauce and blueberries
I get to see my home friends tommarow

i think i know what it is...i miss my past friends and family that are gone. hm...that's what heaven for right? i'll see them the date again?! oh yeah...yeah...

"happy thoughts!!!" jejejee

okay...i'm going now.

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