Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Suri ha!

Hey my beautiful friends out there that read my blog...
whoa!!!!!!!! change of topic really quick...
I juss glanced to the left side of my page and saw that my name is not how i spelled it when you veiw my profile!!! i think on my profile it's "~*Charity*~" i think...or something like that...but this one says..."Chairty"...what is that...that is not even how you spell my name...for some of you out that...that might be how you SAY my name...but not SPELL my's wrong with my myspace blog...?!?!
okay...back to what i was originally gonna say!....
I'm super sorry for those of you who message me, comment me, or add me as a friend, and i don't get back atchu for a LONG time...SORRY! i dont' mean that i'm ignoring you...or anything like that...juss that i don't go on myspace as much...but please feel free to contact me through my e-mail which i check at least hm...i try everyday at least once...if i feel like going on the 'net...but if you all don't e-mail is:
yeah, so write me there or something if it's important, i'll most likely get it faster...but if you have my number (cell, not house, i don't normally get the message if it's the house phone) call my cell, aight, i always call back, if not right away...i will ( i didn't want a cell in the first place, so i basically leave it on silent/vibrate, but i check it whenever i go to my room :)...juss wanna make sure that all you all dont' feel like i'm negleting you...but please if you still wanna feel free to message, add or comment me...i still will get it. I'm not totally abandoning's a place where i know i can still get a hold of my friends, and see how they are doing in life...sorta...if anything...jejeje
well...juss wanted to let those of you who read this know...and if you don't read my juss won't i don't even know why i'm write to you people who don't read this! jajaja...okay...i'm juss thismuch dumb...but that's IT...jajaja
okay...bye :)