Monday, January 30, 2006


You all need to help me out on this one...okay, me AND Eddie out...not only is Eddie lonely and misses you all SO much while he is gone...but he also needs to win a bet with his girlfriend...(my goodness...them two are SO competitive...but that's what makes them ADORABLE!!!) so far JynJyn (his lovely, WONDERFUL girlfriend)  is come on everyone...WRITE you can prolly guess...the bet is to see who gets the most mail...when i was there, we played the game...and brother those letters i wrote didn't help any...but come on and my brother arent' there anymore, and Eddie is all by his lonesome self (having SO much fun) and is missing us...write him...his address is...

Eddie Gasmin
c/o Adventist University of the Philippines
P.O. Box #1834
Manila 1099 Philippines

it doesn't matter, postcards, letters, gifts, packages...ANYTHING...but  make sure that it's addressed to Eddie, and it has to come in the mail. Oh, and if you don't know my dear cousin Eddie, it don't matter, make a new friend and write him! :) far he has gotten ZERO love from home...the brother needs some love people!!!! (last i heard JynJyn's gotten eight)