Thursday, December 1, 2005

Happy Birthday My Grandma!!!

I am SO sad, yet happy, but sad too, it's my gramma's birthday...and another year has gone by that i don't get to spend it with her. yeah, i am SO happy that she lived to see another birthday...but sad that i dont' get to spend it with her. sometimes (to be honest, you all know how i'm so emotional!) i cry because i miss her so much. She was the only one who really took time to listen to me. I mean really REALLY took time to listen to me, and actually really FELT what i was saying to her. i thought it was the sweetest thing for her to come to surprise me in the philippines, but and i will never forget that...but she is there and i am here...and i what her with me right now. I really want to see her, to hug her, to talk to her, to let her know that i love her no matter what is going on. I miss my gramma, i miss her SO much...i hope in her heart that she knows that i am thinking of her and that she feels my love for her even though we are literally a world apart. "I love you my Gramma!!! Happy Birthday!!"

Well, as i was going to school today to tutor my friend, i commented to my brother that this weather reminds me of the philippines. gets like this in the philippines...but it's not cold, juss a little chilly but warm...but the rains are something else...something that i have NEVER encountered swear when i say that i almost DROWNED in the rain last year when i was there! this guy saved my jowk...i'm f'realz!!! i'll never forget that. And the winds...oh my swear...they could have blown me all the way back to america if i wasn't careful! tree's falling and water EVERYWHERE! i've read about typhoons and stuff...but it never really hit me what a typhoon was like until i expereinced them!!! i sure don't miss them...but at least it was i feel so frozen that i can't breath! but yeah...i sure do miss the's a great place to's fun and i miss it...i miss jynjyn and eddie and faith and lala and deemo and jahdaedoh and EVERYONE!!!! okay...enough of that now...

hm...nothing nomore....

"the two of us will dream as one...the two of us...the two of us! the two of us take breath like one! the two of us...." ;)

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