Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh my!!

well then...i had such an eventful week! but i'm not complaining! i got to see friends that i don't see on a daily basis, i got to see my sister, and i got to see family that i can't see all the time, i got to spend time with so many much funness! now, i'm sorta depressed that school will be starting soon. i juss got home from my friends home, she is leaving to go back to school na...well, they are prolly almost there na...but then yeah...i had a fun night last night, it was crazy, but fun. im swear i think i gained like 5 million pounds over break though, and i didn't work out every day like i normally do, so then it would be good to be able to start my day with my usually work out and end with it too. and so yeah. then christmas will come and then time to work out and sooooOooooo much food! so much fun that would be! jejejeje...but i know that it will be a lot of fun. As always, i miss my sister, i don't get to see her or talk to her as much as i would like too, but then, it's okay as long as she knows that i love her and that she loves me then it's all good, but then, i haven't been home for a year yet, and i only get to see her sporadically, WOW! humungous word! did i even use it right?!?! JAJA! maybe i shouldn't go useing words that i'm not really sure about. but oh well...well, i am sad that it's school na. i didn't get to hang out with certain people that i wanted too. ('Rara) i'm soooooo sorry, you know i love you and i will absolutely will try my hardest so that we will get to see each other over christmas break! hm...i know that i wanted to mention something...but hm...i forgot...damn short term memory! jejejejejeje...oh well...i wanna sing, i was singing after potluck in church yesterday and i liked that. i think i do wanna sing for chirstmas...what you think girls? lets try to shoot for youth sabbath next month...but WhAT?! i kinda sora liked "we're not that far from bethleham(sp?)" but then we sang that already..."carol of the bells?" talking of which, i heard that coming home today! but my brother wanted to switch stations, he didn't want to be listening to christmas music juss's all good...well, i best be going na! much love to all of you!!!!

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