Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hello my dear people! you know where my room is positioned in my house? well, if you do, you know that its not really at the foot of the stairs, but sorta across from it diagonally towards the right if your looking at it...does that make any sense?! my room is the most obvious one in the house since there is that beaded curtain, and a bright green poster that my friends had made for me when i came back from Florida, and a picture of me and my sister and a big KEEP OUT sign...but no one listens to it. You can hear my door too...seroiusly...okay, well, i guess you can hear the BELL that i attached to my door so that i can hear it! but not only that, i could tell that someone entered my room...the beaded curtains will sound if not the bell...jejeje...i know, why am i talking about my DOOR of all things...well, i juss started too talk about my ROOM, and i guess that's the first thing you notice, my door. But what i am really trying to get at is the POSITION, or where my room is...the second story i guess you can say at the right side of my house...well, whatever...i have a smallishy window, well I think that it's small, but it's pretty big smallishy...does that make sense?! well anyways...for my room size it's pretty small, but it's big it guess...gotta be happy for it...but where my room is placed and where my window is place it gets FULL ACCESS TO THE SUN! from when the rays decide to peak over the horizon to when it falls sleep on the "other side". My room is CONSTANTLY in the sun. Which i am NOT complaining about. I love it! I guess i'm telling you all this all because i want you to understand WHY i woke up SO early and i wasn't even cranky in the least bit! I woke up at 7:15am because not only was my nightlight on, but that doesn't matter since i couldn't even SEE the light that it shone out, but the sun peaking through my blinds and my room was the most brightest thing ever! And i woke up in such a good mood! Well, normally when i wake up, i'm not in a bad mood, i juss don't LOOK happy, but i got up, and did my morning excersizes and took a shower, then i went back to my room wrote a letter and went downstairs to eat pancit canton.

Now here is a different topic, but sorta the same thing, but not really. My brother takes his shower, i'm talking to my mom the many stories that happened in the philippines and it's already 10:am, and my brother walks in the kitchen and says, "wow, you're awake early!" and i juss laughed and said "whatever!" I ended up going to his room after talking lot with my mom and i was juss talking to him, and i was like, (well, something like this) "it's sad that if i wake up before 1:pm, everyone thinks that i'm waking up early!" Okay, i know that i'm not exactly the most happiest in the morning, but that's what i make of it, i i konw that i can be happy if i wanted to, but i jsus don't feel like trying so early in the morning. but yeah...i think that it's sad, but funny. I remember hearing my dad tell one of his friends, "yeah, my daughter (me, not my sister) woke up early 12:pm!" it was a jowk...but i guess. but these past week i HAVE to been waking up at 8:30am...i have this on going alarm that wakes me up at 8:30am on my phone, so i have no choice but to wake up. That doesn't mean i get out of my room or something, i do my morning excersive and then read, study or write letters until like 11:am and then i go downstairs. But when i wake up i do get up to go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth, i guess no one could hear me or something..i mean my door really isn't that quiet and the bathroom light isn't that most silent thing in the world, or the toilent flush, or the running water...but hey, maybe they think that i woke up, but i juss went back to sleep. But my friend once told me, that if she sleeps in till noon, it's like she wasted a whole day! and i can see what she means! and to think, in the philippines i wake up at 5:am during weekdays and then 7:am during the me it's IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in! and at 7:am in the morning, that IS sleeping in! but really peoplez, i'm doing a lot better...:)

well, i think that i wrote a lot now, and i know that i have so much else to say...but this is it! jejeje....!!!! OoOoOoO....lets go sky-diving!!!!!!!

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