Monday, October 10, 2005

wow...a new week!

Oh okay...i know that it's not really a new week...yesterday was really the start of the new week...but was like my week of last week, ended today...WOW, did that even make any sense at all?!

I think last week, i expereience all sorts of emotions...i mean like very powerful friends from AUP came here...well, the AMBA was here since July 15, but then, they finally came up to Northern CA, and i got to see them here. I really missed my friends that were in there...and i got to "kidnap" two of them twice. I miss them so much already...

I'm such a sucker at goodbyes...when i left America to go to the Philippines, i cried....when i left the philippines to go to thailand, i cried...when i left thailand to go to Philippines, i cried, when i left philippines go to america, i's so heart breaking to say bye to those you love. and since i love everyone, it's so hard to say goodbye! But at least this time, i held my tears in before they could see it...i couldn't cry so they could see me...they already had all their make up on, and if they started to cry...then....their makeup would get messed up, and so yeah. I took pictures with that was good...
I actually took pictures with those two AMBA friends and then with my brother, sister and me...i love taking to think i use to be camera shy.

Well, i have been going up to PUC a lot this week...but i don't know when i'll be up there again. I went there last wednesday to see my AMBA friends perform, and then on Saturday for my brother's birthday, and then yesterday to see the volleyball game, which was a really good game. But then i still love it up there...i sorta wanna go back...but not much memories up stuff.
My sister came home this it was good to see her. To hang out and stuff...i miss my dad juss took her to the Sacramento Airport so that she could fly back home. I know that i'm gonna miss her again...but she'll be back for my dad's birthday which is at the end of this month.

Oh! When i went up to PUC Saturday, i ended up going to their movie drive in...and that was fun, but it was so cold! Me and my friend were suppose to dress up like that 80's but it was SO cold...TOO cold for the outfits that we wanted to wear...and we did our make up and hair, and then we ended up walking all over the place to find where my brother and other friends were, but then they were already at the place, so we ended up walking. But it was fun...but FREEZING cold...i like the warmer weather.

Like i said before, i think i'm ready to travel again...hopefully i'll join the Acapellove sooner or later...i really want too, and me and my friends have been talking about it since before school has started, but then, i juss can't get my courage up to talk to the director! I mean, i'm not scared of him or anything,'s weird...but i know that the is super nice and stuff...and he has been wanting me to join since even with i was in highschool, and since they will be going to Austrailia and New Zealand and then the Philippines, then i really wanna join...okay...fine...when ever the one friends talks to him, i'll tell her that i'll tlak to him too...but yeah...i love to travel.

I really wanna go back to Thailand and eat their victory monument noodles and lotte, my mouth is drooling juss thinking of it! I miss it there and my friends there a lot. Wow, i miss a lot of people...but then...i guess i'll always be missing a lot of people all through my life...but then day i'll see them again, i juss know it.

Well, i best be going na...this is a pretty boring blog...but i jsus realized that i haven't written in here in a long time, and so i juss figured and so yeah....well, yeah...bye!

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